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Elision Launched DialShree Mobi for Efficient Remote Work

VoIP solutions May 11, 2020

We are glad to share the launch of “DialShree Mobi”, which is a mobile phone app for the agents. This app is available for the DialShree: Call Center Solution users.

The time has been shifting and this shift is increasing the demand for business mobility. The call center industry is not an exception here.

There are many call centers that work in a virtual environment for many years to leverage the benefits of a virtual call center. On the other hand, some situations such as natural disasters, manmade catastrophes, pandemic, etc. are increasing the need for a virtual setup of the call center so it can be accessed remotely as and when needed.

DialShree Mobile App

The cloud call center solution is available, but what about having an even more flexible solution? The call center software is often mobile friendly so it can be accessed from any device, but what about having a mobile app?

We, Elision, are proud to be one of those rare call center solution providers that offer a mobile app for their call center software users. We have released our first version of the DialShree mobile application, namely, DialShree Mobi.

This mobile app is available for agents now onwards. The agents can install this call center dialer app on their smartphone and log in to it with their credentials. It has all features an agent needs to handle a customer call. Let me explain in brief about the features one can get from our DialShree Mobi app.

Live Call Features:

An agent will have all the features to handle a call he is connected with. Below is the list of features made available to the agents:

  • Call pause and un-pause
  • Call requeue
  • Call park
  • Call park to an IVR
  • Call transfer
  • Transfer
  • Custom transfer
  • Call hang-up
  • Customer information

DialShree App Dialer

Call Script:

Agents can see and use the call script configured for this campaign by the supervisor.

Customer Form:

An agent can see and fill the customer form during a live call. Generally, in some campaigns, agents need to collect certain information from the customer. This form to collect information will be shown to the agent in this section.


If DialShree user has an omnichannel call center solution license, the agent will see an email module from which he can send an email to the customer. An agent can also access the saved email templates.

DialShree App EmailSMS:

If the users of the DialShree call center software have SMS add-on in their license, they will be able to send SMS to the customers during a live call.


If the DialShree users have integrated WhatsApp business account, they can also send WhatsApp message with all the features available in the web WhatsApp from this screen of the DialShree Mobi.

If DialShree users do not use an omnichannel call center software or do not have any of the SMS, Email, or WhatsApp modules, they will have all other features in their DialShree Mobi App.

To know more about the app and to get this app for free, contact us NOW!

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