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Elision Launched “Work from Home” Add-on to Support Remote Call Centers

Elision is glad to announce the launch of the “Work from Home (WFH)” add-on for its DialShree users. This add-on is built to benefit call centers with a perfect remote call center work model.

DialShree is an omnichannel call center solution that is built to benefit diversified industry verticals. It has different features to support inbound, outbound, and blended campaigns of the call centers. Moreover, its advanced add-ons add value-added features and functionalities to benefit the users of this call center solution. We are glad to share that the “Work from Home (WFH)” add-on is an additional add-on available for the call centers and other users of the DialShree.

As the name suggests, this add-on supports the “Remote Work” model aka the “Work from Home” model. It helps call centers to securely run their operations with the staff working from dispersed locations. It also benefits call centers to leverage multiple other benefits. On the other hand, agents can work from their home or any remote location even with limited internet bandwidth or no internet connection.

Here are the two working models available to the DialShree users after integration of the “Work from Home (WFH)” add-on:

Model 1: Work with all features with limited internet load

The agents usually may not have as high speed internet connection as they have in an on-premise call center. Thus, when agents access the call center solution from their home, they usually struggle to deliver the required performance because of this limitation. Even the customer experience may get hampered as the voice quality might be poor.

The “Work from Home” add-on of Elision resolves this issue.

  • DialShree will route all the calls, which can be incoming or outgoing, on the registered phone number of the agents. An agent will attend calls via his mobile phone.
  • DialShree will show the live call screen which will have all features such as call script, call controls, etc. on the screen of the agent.

This makes sure the voice packets are not transmitted via the internet so agents can work seamlessly with their internet connection and system.

Model 2: Work with limited features with no internet connection

It is possible that agents may not have access to the internet or laptop or computer at all so they can open the call center solution. Even in such an extreme situation, the “Work from Home (WFH)” add-on of DialShree lets agents work.

All calls will be routed to the registered numbers of the agents. They will handle calls on their phone. Of course, they cannot access features of the call center solution such as call script, call controls, etc., but it lets operations working.

Both of these models are designed carefully and already used by multiple customers of DialShree. You can get the DialShree: Call Center Solution if you are not using it already along with this add-on. If you are already a DialShree user, all you need to implement the remote work model is getting this add-on.

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