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Elision Tech’s State-Of-The-Art Telephonic Technology – A2Billing

A2Billing in combination with Asterisk is a physical platform for telecommunication services and it uses both VoIP as well as more traditional means of telephonic technology. It includes an engine for billing in real time transactions and it invoices and rates calls and supports gateways for payments.

Most telecommunication companies are looking to vamp their traditional practices and find better, more efficient and effective means of reducing their expenses.

The A2Billing platform is proving a lot more cost effective than other traditional systems like VoIP Soft-Switches and TDM. Even wholesale billing is losing its popularity in the wake of better technology that is slowly being introduced into the global market for technology.

The A2Billing Platform has the following useful features:

• It implements a calling card and call back system.
• It includes a VoIP billing and termination service.
• It enables you to start a wholesale termination business.
• It helps you to start selling DID to your customers.
• It ensures accurate reporting of your VoIP interactions in real-time.
• It provides pre-paid and post-paid services to VoIP customers.

The A2Billing system can be used in a number of different ways and has various useful roles:

• It can be used as a Call-back service.
• It can function as a calling card service which uses either caller ID or PIN recognition.
• It is a platform for special applications.
• It can be used as a sales campaign and predictive dialler tool.
• It can be used for VoIP reseller white label solutions.
• It can be used for wholesale VoIP origination and termination.
• It can be used for residential VoIP origination and termination.
• It can be used for VoIP termination of IP PBX systems.
• It can host PBX, Multi-tenant and IP Centrex systems.

It is very useful because it includes loads of different billing options, DID billing, provision and delivery services. It also enables the creation of vouchers for pre-paid card top-ups. It has a simple web interface which is user friendly and enables agents and resellers to control and manage their own customers.

It basically creates links from reseller websites to A2Billing so that customers are directed straight to their agent and commissions can be paid correctly. It creates profit and loss reports as well as carrier reconciliation reports.

It is easy to use and includes features in its customer interface like password management, call history, payment history, online top-up, caller ID authentication, low balance email notifications, the option to record conversations and download them and so many more.

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