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Elision Tools for Video KYC in Banking and Fintech Industry

We, Elision Technologies Pvt. Ltd, have been catering to different industry verticals with our feature-rich tools. In this blog, we will share how some of our tools help the banking and Fintech industries.

We have been offering different solutions and tools to the banking industries and each of them is loaded with some amazing features. All features are built to strengthen different operations and departments of any bank and Fintech organization.

What is the KYC process?

KYC (Know Your Customer) is one of the important processes in banks and some finance organizations. This process requires customers to submit some identity proofs and documents to the bank or respective finance organization.

Similar to some countries, in India, KYC processing is necessary. Earlier, customers need to visit a branch of the bank for KYC processing, but now, some banks in India have started supporting remote KYC processing. The technology tools can simplify the whole process of KYC. Video KYC is the concept introduced by banks and FinTech companies to process customer KYC remotely.

Which tools of Elision simplify the KYC process of the banking and Fintech industry?

We have been catering to the banking and finance industry for more than a decade with our interesting tools. You can check our clientele and case study sections to explore more information about the customers we have catered with our unified communication tools.

Video KYC can also be processed by the technology tools we offer to the banks, insurance agencies, stock market companies, and other FinTech organizations. Let us share a brief about the two major tools that can be used for video KYC.

MassMeet: Video Conferencing Solution

MassMeet is a web-based conferencing solution that supports both audio and video conferencing. It gives a crystal clear voice and high-definition video quality. It also supports changing video resolution if required. It comes up with an array of features along with video conferencing.

Banks and other financial organizations can take advantage of MassMeet to process KYC for a customer. To use this video conferencing solution, customers don’t need to download any other software or mobile app. They also don’t need any browser extension. By simply typing their name, they can join the video call with the executive to process the KYC remotely. Bank executives cannot only exchange required scanned documents, but also use other rich communication features available in this best video conferencing solution.

DialShree: Call Center Solution

It is a call center solution that supports unified communication channels. Therefore, it is also an omnichannel contact center solution. A majority of banks and FinTech organizations use a call center solution. DialShree supports video chat. By using this software, banks can make sure that KYC can be processed using the same software that is used to run other campaigns like customer support, customer relationship management, sales, etc. For KYC processing, there are usually only one-to-one calls, here the video chat feature available in the DialShree call center software can be used by banks and FinTech companies.

Both of these tools have several advanced features to simplify different operations in banking and Fintech organizations. Contact us to know more about them and book a free demo to know how they can benefit your Fintech organization or bank.

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