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Elision’s CallTrack Solution: Track Performance of Your Team in Field

Solutions October 31, 2017

Elision Technologies Pvt. Ltd, popularly known as, Elisiontec has been the industry leader in VoIP. The company has been offering innovative solutions to its customers for a decade. It always comes with innovative solution and this time the solution is launched to benefit all industry verticals that have sales representatives or business developers working from the field. The name of the solution is CallTrack Solution.

What is so special about this solution?

The CallTrack Solution allows you to keep track of communication activities of your team working from the field. It does track each and every call made by your sales reps along with crystal clear recording and many other features.

This solution helps you to gauge the performance of your sales representatives to ensure they are working at their best possible, even when they are not tightly supervised, i.e., they are in the market, meeting clients and prospects. The CallTrack Solution ensures that you may get the maximum productivity from your executives and agents.

Finding it interesting and thinking how it works?.

The CallTrack Solution can be used by your agents and sales and business development team in two different ways as described below:

  1. Call dial via registered mobile number
  2. Call dial via un-registered mobile number

In both aforementioned cases, the system will ensure to validate the user and track each call made using the CallTrack solution. Also, the CallTrack Solution will provide a complete view and reports of the system usage and work done. This will give you the complete picture of current happenings in the field by your team.

Key features of CallTrack Solution:

  • Analytical record of each call made by the agents
  • Call recording of each call
  • Call search facility: You can search call records and recording by a phone number of a client or an agent
  • GraphicalMIS Dashboard to aid performance review and other activities

The CallTrack solution offers a range of benefits.

Top 3 key benefits of CallTrack Solution of Elisiontec are listed below:

1. Get logs of work done from field agents and team

You can instruct your team to make calls using this solution and as mentioned above, each call made using the CallTrack Solution will be logged. This will furnish you the complete picture of activities going on and performance given by your each field executive.

2. Intelligently track performance

The CallTrack solution records each call and activity of an agent. These data are showcased in the form of analytical records as well as statistics on a graphical dashboard.

This not only makes tracking simpler, but also ensures that you get easy to understand data to aid monitoring task. With the usage of this solution, you can gauge the performance of your sales reps as well as their strength and other areas very easily.

3. Deliver the best quality of service

Now, you can take a complete advantage of technology to deliver the best quality of service to your customers. Along with that each and every call made using this solution will be recorded so you can review the delivered quality of service to plan required training and other activities. These will ensure the best possible quality of service to clients now and in future.

Who can use CallTrack Solution?

Any industry that has agents working from field and making calls can use this solution. It is an independent solution and can be used to track performance of your sales and business development team with technological advancement.

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