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Elisiontec Annual Meet 17-18: Assessment, Learning, Fun and a Lot More……

Events May 22, 2018

Elisiontec believe in the fact: Your team is your success partner. Thus, Elisiontec always make sure that everyone who is part of the company walk hand in hand. By continuing the custom, this time as well, we had a spectacular annual meet at one of the best resorts: Harmony Holidays.

The Elisioners headed towards the venue on a very early morning on the last Saturday and started their day with a delicious breakfast brunch and light fun.

The annual meet of the company is the time when all stars: developers, support team, project managers, field engineers, etc., working across India with the company get together under one roof and know each other well.

After breakfast, we started with a session of our CEO and Founder who made us aware about the various achievements of the company in the past year. Believe me, seeing such great fruits of hard work were amazing. Each Elisioner must had Goosebumps and a feeling of pride. We fed with a lot of knowledge as well as the interesting information about ISO Certification which is important to know being an ISO Certified Company. We are also UAF (United Accreditation Foundation) certified. The session ended by setting new milestones to achieve and energy to win the world.

Elision: ISO Certification

Then, our seniors educated us with a lot of innovative projects we had completed successfully and how we delighted our customers with our out of box solutions such as Dialshree, Contact Center Solution. Also, we get to learn a lot many new things which we can implement to sharpen our skills.

Our management had invited external speakers who delivered a session on “Investment Management”. The information shared by the experts was indeed valuable. We can construct the pillars of a better life and future with intelligent investment was the takeaway.

Then, it is time to satisfy our appetite with mouthwatering food. It was delicious. I am sure the most of us may had it more than we generally have.

This is the time for other expert sessions. Ms. Ash Vyas made us realize the power of social media and individual contribution of each employee in the growth and popularity of the company. She shared how we all together can contribute in our company’s growth.

The team work together wins together was a worth applying message shared by her. The next session was delivered by a renowned motivational speaker, Mr. Vatsal Shah. It was a perfect blend of fun learning and loads of laughter. There were many interesting and serious facts that he taught us so easily. It’s amazing and yeah! We are motivated to achieve new heights in our career and company.

Team Elision at Annual Meet with Motivational Speaker

Ah! This is the time for hot beverage and some snacks. Well, no matter how hot the sun is, we Indians need a hot cup of tea / coffee to get going. After tea break, we played a team building game and it was hilarious.

This is the time to jump in the pool and have some lifetime memories with friends.

The rest of the evening passed with the delicious dinner, a lot of talk, some fun games, some leg pulling and new vacation plans. After a long fun day, we went to sleep in comfortable rooms of the resort at midnight.

A new day brought new energy and again we had a great time in the pool; followed by a heavy breakfast and a lot many memories captured in our cameras.

After great fun, we all dispersed with a strong feeling to do our best for the year rest.

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