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Enhancing Customer Interactions: The Power of Contact Center Solutions in the UAE

Positive customer experience has become the major driving factor of any business. It not only helps in increasing customer retention rate, but it also helps in improving sales and growth of the business. On the other hand, negative customer experience would result in bad word of mouth publicity, resulting in lost clients and reputation in the market. Thus, businesses have to focus on redefining their customer interaction strategies.

As the market in UAE is one of the fastest growing markets in the world and legislation is a bit different to using solutions like a call center solution, companies doing business in the UAE need to be more cautious and strategic to define their customer care strategies.

Direct interaction with customers via any communication channel will convey the brand image. This will not only directly impact the retention of existing clients, but it will also reshape the results of strategies for onboarding new clients. According to the survey result shared by HubSpot, “86% of loyal clients provide referral business and 66% of them share positive feedback”. One of the best contact center solutions can play an indispensable role in delivering the best results for customer interaction strategies.

Businesses in the UAE can excel in their business by using the best call center solution by following best practices.

1. Invest in the best technology for contact center solutions

Multiple types of solutions are available to support different customer care strategies, including social media customer support. It is necessary to invest in the best software with excellent features like intelligent routing, call analytics, CRM integration, etc.

All these features and functionalities can help in amplifying returns over customer care strategies. You can also invest in an AI call center solution that will not only automate but also increase results and returns.

2. Measure Customer Effort Score (CEC)

The contact center solutions measure multiple KPIs and showcase them to help businesses in the UAE to evaluate the effectiveness of their customer interaction strategies. Out of all KPIs, the Customer Effort Score (CES) helps in measuring how much effort a client is putting in to get the resolution to their concern or take action. Call centers have to reduce CEC scores to increase customer retention.

3. Focus on listening

Active listening can help in identifying several important signals. It is not only about actively listening to your customers but also listening to signals shared by your team working on social media customer support and other channels. It is also about listening to the values passed via Customer Effort Score (CES).

In general, listen to all signals and feedback from the team, customers, past customers, leads, software, and more. All this will help in improving your customer interaction strategies.

For example, intelligent routing will have multiple automated call distribution rules and your software might be using one of them. Listening to the major signals will help in choosing the right rule if your software is not doing that automatically.

Your call analytics will provide a real time view of the performance metrics of different KPIs, so you can take real time actions to improve your strategy and actions.

4. Personalization is a must

A feature rich omnichannel contact center solution is a great investment because it will help in touching different parts of your customer retention strategies. Personalization is necessary in this industry because the UAE market is cluttered. Moreover, it is attracting many new investors and businesses. Moreover, the market is different from many parts of the world. This makes personalization mandatory.

CRM integration with the software can help in handling customer care campaigns in an even better way. Whether you are interested in improving the effectiveness of social media customer support strategy or any other support campaign, you will be able to see tangible changes, and that also in a positive manner.

Coach your agents to use data displayed in their software with CRM integration to personalize their pitch instead of using a static call script. This will make customers feel valued and increase loyalty. Moreover, it will also help in improving the value of Customer Effort Score (CES).

5. Focus on reducing Average Hold Time (AHT)

Customers are often agitated when they contact the support team and if they have to stay on hold for long in the call queues or while agents are retrieving resolution, it can degrade the overall experience. Thus, it is necessary to reduce the average hold time. Modern contact center solutions have several features that can help in reducing this time.

The best tips to follow to reduce AHT are as follows:

  • Play with the options of intelligent routing rules you have to check which one works best for your campaign.
  • Use Interactive Voice Response (IVR) and other automated features to reduce the intervention of agents, so customers can self serve themselves without spending any minute on the hold.
  • Use CRM integration to learn common expectations of customers to reduce hold time and offer more personalized support to quickly resolve customer concerns.
  • Invest in batch training and one to one training so agents can work more politely, professionally, and empathetically. Moreover, agents must have complete knowledge of the service or product you offer, so they don’t waste time due to lack of knowledge.

6. Deliver quick resolution for common concerns

In a majority of call centers, the concerns are common and those can be resolved either with IVR or with professional assistance from agents. When you know the concerns and resolution, the average handle time could be reduced.

Call analytics can help in identifying common concerns and problem areas to automate the resolutions or even to put the whole process in auto pilot mode. You can even use bots for social media customer support to automate answering the common questions asked over social media via DMs.

7. Keep improving

The call center industry is very demanding, which makes it necessary to persistently refine customer interaction strategies. The changing strategies would also demand to use one of the best contact center solutions, skilled agents, and other advancements. It is necessary to constantly invest in adopting the best tools, technologies, and manpower and implement the right strategy, so you can constantly increase customer retention.

For example, traditional customer support was offered only via voice calls in the UAE, but now, businesses have also introduced social media customer support.

Earlier, the only call routing rule available was automated call distribution, but now an array of intelligent routing rules is available to delight clients. Likewise, several areas get touched with advancements in technologies, changing the behavior of customers, and other driving factors. All this demands improvements and advancements to deliver a reliable and effective customer experience with engaging interactions.

Concluding notes

It is very crucial to have loyal customers in any business in the UAE and worldwide. Thus, it is necessary to implement practical and effective customer interaction strategies, which can engage and delight customers. Technology tools can really help with impressive features like call analytics, integrated social media customer support, auto dialers, chatbots, AI voice analysis, and more. To impress customers with engaging interactions, businesses must use the power of the best software tools.

DialShree is one of the top contact center solutions that are empowered with AI and several other intelligent features. To know more about this best software for businesses operating in the UAE, get in touch with us.

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