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Essential Tips to Talk to Customers on the Call

Customer Care October 3, 2019

The way of talking to customers has a big impact on the brand, and nothing consistently delivers customer satisfaction, like pleasant communication. When a company thinks about how they communicate information and receive feedback to their customers yields a better result.

World-class customer service begins with treating humans like humans. Follow the tips to know how to talk to the customers on phone calls to increase possible engagement and satisfaction. These tips can be used by call center agents and company representatives that use the call center solution to delight their clients.

How to Talk to Someone on the Phone

Here below are few tips following which company can avoid phone calls which are called "uncomfortable". Read below to know how to talk to a customer over the phone in a way that allows them to make be comfortable.

Better Know When to Say Sorry

Nothing is more frustrating to customers when the company doesn't admit their mistake. It happens very often and when it does, the best way to soften things is to make a personal apology. Make your conversation truer by making empathy for the situation explicit.  67% of customers with bad experiences leave the brand. So it’s important to make an apology before it’s too late.

Open Question and Relevance

When agents run campaigns using the best call center software to collect feedback, they must avoid asking questions that usually require an answer in one word, ask open questions when talking with your customers. Open questions allow customers to talk about themselves, giving you the opportunity to establish relationships with them and get to know them better. This type of question also provides an opportunity to be related to what the customer has shared. It is important to do this for a successful conversation.

Be Ready

A company may have already remembered the sales pitch, but they need to put more effort into preparing a phone call with a customer. The agents using a call center solution may have mugged up sales pitch or can see the script, generally, made available in the call center solution, but there has to be a strategy. Trying to know what the customer is going through or likewise is the most effective way to begin a conversation.

Express in a Better Way

When you talk with a customer on the phone, you can't see his facial expressions or movements. There are no nonverbal cues an agent can use to interpret emotions, so the agent relies completely on the spoken words. Therefore, the call center should carefully select correct words in the script they set in the call center solution and clearly explain to the agents what they need to say.

Keep Things Short

Keeping the conversation short is more than an indication of the zone centered on a person's time. It also reduces the chance of awkward differences in conversation.

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