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First Call Resolution and Its Benefits

The call center industry uses multiple acronyms and one of the most popular acronyms is FCR. FCR stands for First Call Resolution. In this blog post, we will discuss FCR and how it works. We will explore the major advantages of FCR.

What is FCR?

If a customer gets a resolution to his/ her query within the first attempt, it is called first call resolution. It means the customer called to get the query resolution and within the first call, he/ she got a satisfactory response.

Nowadays, more and more call centers are using an omnichannel call center solution. In this case, the customers may contact via different modes of communication other than the voice call. If a customer contacts the support center to get a resolution to his/ her query via any other unified communication channel than a voice call and receives resolution in the first attempt, then it is called first contact resolution (FCR).

What are the major advantages of FCR?

Many call centers focus on improving the FCR rate and for that, they provide training to the agents, give them the best call center solution, etc. It means first call resolution is one of the important KPIs that one needs to measure and improve.

There are many benefits of increasing the first call resolution rate. Here are the top 3 advantages the call centers can gain by increasing the FCR rate:

1. It improves customer satisfaction and loyalty

When a customer receives a satisfactory resolution for his query or concern, then he would be definitely happy about the service he received. The first call resolution will remove the need and hassle to call again or wait for the resolution. This definitely improves customer satisfaction and his review for the call center or a brand. A call center can enjoy a high customer loyalty rate, too.

2. It increases agent productivity

A higher FCR rate assures that the agents do not need to handle too many furious customers that are not getting the resolution even after calling more than once. This means the customer support process will be smooth with the call center solution. Moreover, agents resolve issues within the first call using the cloud call center solution or a contact center solution. This will improve agent morale and confidence. This will further help agents to work more productively.

3. It assures better resource utilization

Better resource utilization can result in higher efficiency, reduced expenses, and improved returns over investment (ROI). The increased FCR rate can help in assuring that with efficient use of resources, the call centers can achieve higher customer satisfaction and agent productivity. Therefore, resources will be saved from doing the same job repetitively. This will assure better resource utilization.

A call center solution often plays an important role in improving FCR rate and other KPIs in a call center. Therefore, using the right call center solution is a must. We have a feature-rich contact center software. It is renowned for its futuristic features and efficient operations. It is available as a SaaS product and with a license. Contact us to book a free demo or explore more details about this software.

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