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Give Wing to your Professional Aspirations with Elision ClicktoCall Service

News December 19, 2014

Click-to-call service is relatively new but is already making ripples in the business segments most likely to be benefited by its state-of-the-art features. As a customer, you can browse to the website of a brand and then click on the link that would spontaneously place a call on the call center representative wherein you can interact with the live agent in real time.

Why it makes sense for customers?

The website cannot serve as the complete repository of information that would quench your professional curiosity. Further, you may run out patience while browsing the content or is not familiar with the offerings of a particular company. Click-to-call service can ease your quest for information with real time interaction.


Compelling Reasons to opt for Click-to-call Service:

- Sales and site efficiency can be driven up by offering customers an immersive and personalized experience with a live agent serving as the guide while the prospect goes about hunting products of his choice on the site.

- Call centers can streamline the calls arriving by bypassing the present concept of having to re-route calls from a central location based on pre-set protocols.

- Calls from particular pages of the website reaches directly to the available agent, which implies that the agent is aware of the exact location from where the call has originated and thus can better attend to the needs of the customer. With re-routing channels eliminated, the customer is no longer required to sit idle with his call on hold.

- Designing and integrating click to call button on the site is easy. Further, the HTML code can be easily ported.

- Click-to-call facility can be availed of as pay-per-call service wherein you are not likely to incur any upfront setup charges, recurring contract costs, time expiration or hidden fees.

- This service’s compatibility quotient is high and can be configured with any infrastructure provided you have a phone number and device with internet connectivity at your disposal.

Elision Click2call services can be configured with ease and there is no associated upkeep cost. This makes it easy for you, in the capacity of an online seller, to live up to the expectations of customers visiting your web page.

The exceptional benefits that are likely to come your way are hard to ignore. Further, the infrastructure costs can be curbed significantly. Implementing click-to-call service for your website would result in exponential rise in sales and ROI and there is no steep learning curve involved.

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