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Guide on Effective Call Center Optimization

Call center optimization is necessary to improve performance, productivity, customer satisfaction, business, revenues, etc. Along with the best call center solution and skilled agents, a strategic approach is a must for call center optimization.

In this blog post, we will share a complete guide on effective call center optimization.

1. Define KPIs

Call center optimization is nothing more than the improvement of different aspects in a call center to optimize operations, policies, and overall performance to increase ROI (Return over Investment). For call center optimization defining KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) is necessary. Depending on the major operations and aims, a call center should define the KPIs. For example, call centers focusing on customer experience should define KPIs related to customer experience like first call resolution, abandoned rate, etc. While the call centers working on collection campaigns must focus on KPIs like average time to answer, average call duration, number of PTP, etc.

2. Define policies to improve KPIs

Once the KPIs are defined, call centers can define different policies to improve the defined KPIs. For example, the call centers working on collection campaigns can get call center collection integration and ask agents to use that for call center optimization. A call center focusing more on customer experience can recruit more agents to deliver a better customer experience. Other than this, the call script can also be customized depending on the KPIs.

3. Monitor and optimize

Once the policies are defined and conveyed to agents, it is necessary to monitor KPIs. The reports available in a call center solution can help in monitoring a majority of defined KPIs. A call center can also get customization to add more reports or graphical reports to simplify KPI monitoring. For example, if you are using an open source call center solution, VICIDial, then it does not have graphical reports. You can invest in VICIDial customization to add graphical reports. Once you have all the reports to monitor performance, you should also invest in the optimization process. For example, if you are using a VICIDial solution, you would not find some important features. You can take the help of VICIDial experts for VICIDial customization to add more features to this solution. You may also need to run some training programs to train agents as part of call center optimization.

4. Keep upgrading

The technology tools and team both need upgradation at a regular interval to improve performance. It is part of call center optimization. For example, if you are using a VICIDial solution, it is time to get an omnichannel contact center solution as that provides a competitive edge. Your agents need to work hard for better performance and for that their knowledge and skills need to be regularly upgraded. In a nutshell, keep upgrading your team, omnichannel contact center solution, and other things in the call center for better optimization.

These are the major tips that you can use for call center optimization.

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