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Helpdesk Ticketing System over Email Increases Productivity

There was a time when companies used only emails to provide online customer support. But the problem started when companies began to expand and their customer base began to grow. With the increased customer service requests, it becomes extremely difficult for you to handle your inbox and keep track of each request. This is where helpdesk ticketing solution comes into play. It enables the help desk to maintain a powerful database that holds as well as manages the queries of the customers.

So how exactly does it work? If you are using a solution and having any technical issue, all you have to do is to raise a ticket using the online ticketing solution. Then, the technical team will check the ticket, resolve your problem and update the status of the ticket depending on the case.

Compared to emails, it has made it a lot easier to track and manage the technical issues. Here are some reasons why the helpdesk ticketing system is better than an email solution to handle technical support requests:

All your conversions are in one place

When a lot of people are working on requests, it can get quite difficult to keep track of information. In email communication, the customer support agents have to jump through many hoops. So the best thing that you can do is to get a responsive and easily accessible helpdesk ticketing system that minimizes the resolution time. And by converting your emails to support tickets, you can make this possible.

Tracking and reporting metrics

With email communication, you cannot track the productivity, efficiency, and speed of individual technicians. But with the helpdesk ticket tracking system, you get to determine the work efficiency of your employees, as you get to track everything.


One of the biggest disadvantages of using email communication is that the customer support executives need to go to and from between their inboxes. By integrating the online helpdesk ticketing system and email, you can make this process a lot easier. Also, this will let your staff work at peak efficiency. The customer support team can work at their full capacity all the time.


With an online ticketing system, companies get to know which teams and departments are getting more support requests so that they can allocate the support resources efficiently. On the contrary, in email communication, you cannot track the issue or know who has worked on them.


The foundation of your company is the hard work of your support team. And if they waste their time juggling with emails, then it will decrease the overall productivity of your company. So have a good helpdesk ticketing solution that best suits the needs of your organization. Compared to an email communication tool, they are highly valuable.
In conclusion, it can be said that ticket tracking software is superior to email. This system is not only good for startups, but also for those who manage others or handle multiple support queries.

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