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How Auto Dialing Features Can Empower Collection Agencies?

Collection agencies need to work on various aspects and one of them is handling debt collection of the leads they have. One of the major tools used by collection agencies is definitely a call center solution. The call center solution comes with some amazing features that help collection agencies to work more efficiently, so collection can be increased.

In this blog, we are going to talk about one of the most important features available in the call center solution, which is auto dialing.A call center solution can have multiple auto dialers and each of these auto dialers have its own role in empowering collection agencies. Let’s explore how.

  • Predictive dialer

Before we get into the details of how a predictive dialer empowers a collection agency, let’s explore how it works. This auto dialing feature of the call center solution makes sure that it dials multiple numbers before agents get available to take the next call by predicting how many agents will get free in the next few moments. It can also predict how many numbers need to be dialed and which customers are more likely to attend the call.

  • The predictive dialer is one of the fastest and most efficient auto dialers available in modern call center solutions.
  • It makes sure that agents can go through the whole list as soon as possible and if required, the same list of customers can be contacted twice.
  • This auto dialing feature is very important when the first and second reminders need to be given to the customers for EMI payment.
  • Progressive dialer

This dialer dials the next number only when the agent shows availability to take the next call. It assures when a customer takes the call, an agent is there to have a conversation, and so the abandoned rate can be reduced.

  • This auto dialer empowers the collection agencies to deal with premium customers. The customers that have big accounts or the customers that pay EMI on time need to be handled differently.
  • The progressive dialer is amazing at handling these types of customers.
  • It makes sure all customers are attended and a good customer experience can be delivered.
  • This auto dialer of call center solution gets used also when more reminders need to be given to the same customer.
  • Preview dialer

This auto dialer shows a preview of the customer to let the agent selects whether he wants to talk to that customer or if he wants to skip to the next client.

  • The preview dialer is excellent when agents need to deal with customers that have multiple pending EMIs.
  • It is also good to handle complex cases in which the agent needs to prepare for the conversation in advance.
  • It can help in increasing the success ratio by being well prepared for the call.

Similar to auto dialers, there are many features a call center solution has to empower collection agencies. Moreover, we have developed a collection module with a payment utility to empower collection companies. Contact us to know how we can help you empower your collection agency.

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