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How Call Center Solution Improves Vital Call Metrics?

Communication is a vital aspect, for all businesses belong to diversified industry verticals. Each piece of communication may have some goal to convert, whether it is resolving a customer concern or increasing customer interest in purchasing.

The call center solution can play an important role here with its amazing features. It can help call centers or any other organization using this software to improve vital call metrics. Let me share the top metrics, which a call center solution can improve.

1. Call hold time

Whether it is an incoming customer call or if an agent has called a customer, hold time makes a difference in customer experience. If a customer or prospective client is put on hold for a longer time, then it would cause a negative impact on the customer. This may increase frustration or result in lost interest in the offerings of your company. Therefore, reducing call hold time is necessary.

The call center solution will show call hold time on an average and per call or per agent basis. This information can help supervisors in taking the required steps to reduce the call hold time. Moreover, the call center solution will have the required information to show to agents, so the agents can reduce call hold time by quickly fetching the required information.

2. First call resolution

Anyone calling to get the required support for their concerns or queries would be expecting a quick and satisfactory response. Getting resolution within the first call is called the first call resolution. It definitely increases customer satisfaction.

The call center solution can show the required information to agents about the customer, so quick information can be delivered. Moreover, one can also integrate other systems like CRM, database, etc. to show more information to agents and increase first call resolution.

3. Total call duration

Many call centers define the total call duration differently. The most common definition of total call duration is the time from the customer’s call is connected to the call center, whether he/ she listens to an IVR or directly gets connected to the agent, to the time when he/ she hung up the call is total call duration.

As we all understand, time is one of the rare resources people have. Nobody has a lot of time to stay on the line to get the resolution for their issues. Therefore, call centers or any other organization offering support for customers’ issues or prospective customers’ questions must make sure that the call duration can be minimized.

Adding self-serving options, unified communication channels into the call center solution can reduce the total call duration. Call center CRM integration can also contribute to reduced call duration by showing detailed information about the customer.

These are the major 3 metrics that a call center solution can help in improving the value. Other than these, call center occupancy rate, abandoned rate, calls per hour, and many other vital metrics can be improved by using the right call center solution.

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