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How ChatGPT is Revolutionizing the Contact Center Industry?

ChatGPT has captured all headlines because of the amazing use cases of this chatbot, which is developed by OpenAI. It is one of those amazing chatbots that excel in self learning. In fact, it is the most effective in generating human-like content and self learn to provide better output every time. All different industry verticals are exploring ways to bring it on board to multiply advantages and the contact center industry definitely cannot be set behind.

The potential of using the stated chatbot in all industry verticals is huge and in the contact centers, it is making an immense impact. From improving customer satisfaction to enhancing different operations, reducing agent attrition rate, and much more it can do to improve overall performance and ROI of contact centers.

The impact of using ChatGPT in the contact center industry is so huge that industry leaders are considering that it will bring on a whole new revolution.

What is ChatGPT?

Back in November 2022, OpenAI launched a chatbot, which gained immense popularity because of its efficiency. It uses the Generative Pre-trained Transformer (GPT) model. It provides quick access to information, automates several operations, and can even handle conversations with consumers.

This is how it paves its way as an effective chatbot in multiple industries, including, but not limited to, contact centers.

Provide enhanced support to improve customer service

One of the major areas in which chatbots are used in the contact center industry is enhancing customer satisfaction. In multiple ways, ChatGPT can improve customer service.

Customers are fine to deal with chatbots if they can handle their queries effectively. The major roadblocks that customers face while using a chatbot for customer support are listed below:

  • Chatbot cannot provide the required assistance. The answers that a chatbot provides are often fairly limited.
  • Many times, chatbots fail to understand user queries and put the customer into an endless loop.
  • It provides quite mechanical responses.

All these are major turn offs for the customers and it reduces customer satisfaction.

However, the chatbot launched by OpenAI has brought a revolution in the contact center industry. It overcomes all major challenges faced by other chatbots and literally adds value to the objective to improve customer service.

The stated chatbot can provide human-like responses and process information really fast compared to other options available in the market. It can also provide the best assistance to customers to ensure they receive the required resolution. It also reduces call queues and long call hold times. This chatbot is faster than humans in processing customer concerns.

One of the major advantages of using it is that it can self learn from different instances, which makes it better and better in the job of improving customer satisfaction.

1. Improve agent productivity

The first way of boosting the productivity of agents in contact centers is by automating answering repetitive questions. As per the survey result, 40% of customer concerns are repetitive (Source). That means by implementing ChatGPT, more than 40% of customer queries can be resolved without the need for any agent. This directly results in performance improvement of agents.

Along with eliminating the need of answering frequently asked questions, it can also help in different other areas to improve agent productivity. For example, after call work (ACW) is one of the core jobs of agents. According to this process, once a call is completed, agents need to summarize the call and write a disposition message as one of the jobs required in ACW. This helps another agent if a customer calls again by giving the required information from the last call. This helps in enhancing customer satisfaction as well because agents can provide more personalized responses instead of asking customers to reiterate the same issue again. As this process is important, agents in all contact centers have to follow this practice of adding disposition messages.

The traditional approach of adding disposition messages actually is a time consuming process and demands almost a minute of each agent, which is huge when considered collectively. This further negatively affects other KPIs like the average time to handle calls, the average time to first response, etc. Due to the pressure of keeping KPI values positive, agents often try to work hurriedly and leave vague or incomplete disposition messages. This negatively affects the whole essence of leaving this summarized message for other agents to effectively handle the call.

The chatbot of OpenAI resolves this issue because it is quite fast in processing information and summarizing human interaction. It can provide a precise and concise summary of each call without human intervention. This is possible with an automated AI transcription process and then processing information into a summary. This makes the whole process effective without wasting the time of agents. This helps in improving agent productivity because now agents can work on handling more calls and also more effectively.

2. Empower decision makers by helping them in process of better decision making

ChatGPT is not only accurate in handling customer queries, but it can also affect several other aspects of the contact center industry. One of them is providing insight into various KPIs by using AI transcription of calls and extracting valuable insight from these conversations. This chatbot can blend speech analytics and call coverage to reduce the traditional time of diagnosing an issue by up to 400% (Source).

This chatbot presents information in a simplified manner to make it easier for decision makers to identify major areas of improvement to work on. It also provides information that helps in identifying revenue generation opportunities or areas that can help to improve customer service to enhance returns.

3. Better relationship building with customers and investors

Several contact centers rely on investors and it is necessary for them to keep relationships in a positive direction with them. Along with investors, for a contact center, handling position relationships with clients is also crucial. Here comes the OpenAI chatbot at the rescue of the business.

It can help in reducing the time to answer common questions of customers and investors in the minimum time possible. Moreover, it helps in reducing the time it takes to answer the questions whether it is answered by an agent or chatbot. It also provides the options to improve the whole process by presenting insightful data in a simplified manner.
All this can be used to define the best ways to build a strong and delightful relationship with customers and investors.


Technology has been empowering the contact center industry for many years by bringing revolutionary transformations in processes. ChatGPT is one of the most amazing technology revolutions that have shaken the world of this industry in a positive manner. It will not only improve processes with automation by replacing humane intervention, but it also helps human agents to perform better and decision makers to make better and consolidated decisions. That means it has several advantages to offer to consolidate this whole industry.

We can help contact centers by leveraging the real power of this powerful chatbot and employing several other technology advancements. We have several ready to use products that have been gaining popularity among global customers such as DialShree: omnichannel contact center solution. It is an ideal software for this industry. Moreover, it is compatible with emerging AI solutions that are bringing revolutions for businesses. To know more and discuss your requirements, get in touch with us.

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