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How Contact Center Solution Flourishes Rental Car and Cab Business?

Contact center solutions have their applications in almost all industry verticals. There are many businesses that are flourishing by using a contact center solution and the rental car and cab business is one of them.

In this blog, we will share how a contact center solution with unified communication support helps rental car and cab businesses to grow faster.

1. To run a loyalty program

Customer loyalty is very important in any business. It protects businesses from losing customers and assures a steady stream of revenues. The rental car and cab business is one of those businesses that face fierce competition and often low-profit margin. Increasing customer loyalty is the need for the cab and rental car business. The contact center solution provides features like reaching out to customers to share more details related to the loyalty program. The contact center solution also supports communication via WhatsApp, email, SMS, etc. so customers can be reached via their preferred modes of communication.

2. To handle customer concerns

It happens that the customers need some sort of support related to refund, canceled ride, or even some bad experience related to their ride or driver. The contact center solution is a perfect tool to let customers reach out to the customer support team of customer care and support centers and deliver the required support related to their concerns. Live chat and WhatsApp along with phone calls can be great communication support.

3. To send verification code

Many cab services have introduced the verification system to start a ride. The omnichannel call center solution aka contact center software can benefit here as well. It supports two-way SMS and communication as well. The rental car and cab booking service provider can generate a verification code and send it automatically to the customer. This code can be shown to the driver to start the ride.

4. To run a survey

It is necessary to make sure that customers are happy. This can work as well as the loyalty program to retain customers. Running a survey can help in learning about the customer experience and what next your business can do to increase customer satisfaction and loyalty. Using a contact center solution can benefit here as well. The contact center solution comes with a survey feature, which can be used to collect feedback from the customer and other answers. The survey module in a contact center solution speeds up the whole process of running a survey. Based on the collected survey, the required actions can be taken to delight customers.

5. To improve customer experience

The contact center solution comes up with an amazing range of features that can automate various actions to improve customer satisfaction. For example, an IVR can help in letting customers book a ride, pay their bills, know about their monthly rides, check loyalty benefits, and more. The IVR and many other features of the contact center solution can improve customer satisfaction.

If you are interested in knowing more about the contact center solution and its role and benefits in the cab and rental car business or if you are interested in buying a contact center solution, then contact us.

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