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How Does Skill-Based Call Routing Benefit Call Centers?

Call centers can be inbound, outbound, or blended. Usually, a call center solution supports all types of campaigns. However, depending on the nature of business, call centers usually use some features more than others. Automated call distribution (ACD) rules are one of the features available in the contact center solutions and are more commonly used in inbound call centers.

A contact center solution can support multiple automated call routing rules and one of them is skill based call routing. In this blog post, we will share more details about how skill based call routing rule benefits call centers.

What is skill based call routing?

It is a type of call routing feature available in a contact center solution. It routes incoming calls to the agent that matches all the required or majority of skills to handle customer concerns. For example, if a customer speaks English and has an issue with the return policy, then skill based call distribution feature will route that call to an agent that speaks English and knows return policies.

How does skill based call routing benefit call centers?

There are many call centers that use a skill based call routing rule as one of the primary features of a contact center solution. Let us share in detail how this automated call distribution feature benefits call centers.

1. It increases the first call resolution (FCR) rate

As the skill based call routing feature connects a customer to the agent that is most skilled to handle customer queries, the customer is likely to get the resolution of his or her query within the first call. It means the agent has the required skills to resolve the customer issues within the first call, so the customer will not need to call again or wait for the resolution. This will increase the First Call Resolution (FCR) rate, which is often one of the most important KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) for inbound call centers or call centers that handle customer care campaigns.

2. It improves customer satisfaction

The skilled agents are likely to take less time to answer the concerns of customers. This reduces average call hold time and average call duration. It means customers will not need to stay on hold for long and they also won’t need to spend much time on the phone. Within a few minutes, they will get a satisfactory answer to their queries. Moreover, this feature of a cloud call center solution increases the FCR rate as explained in point number one. All this helps in improving overall customer satisfaction.

3. It increases agent productivity

The increased customer satisfaction and other KPIs boost the morale of agents to work more productively. Moreover, as agents are skilled enough to resolve customer concerns, they can save time and take more calls. It meant the skill based call routing helps in increasing agent productivity.


Skill based call routing benefits call centers in multiple ways. Therefore, many call centers use this feature to enhance their customer care campaigns.

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