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How Does Sticky Agent Benefit Call Centers?

A contact center solution offers an array of features to call centers that use this software. Each feature has some use cases and benefits. In this blog post, we will talk about one of the most important and useful features, called a sticky agent.

What is a sticky agent?

It is one of the call routing features available in the contact center software. This feature routes a call of a customer to the same agent every time, the customer calls. It means the customer gets connected to the same agent every time he seeks support.

How does the sticky agent benefit call centers?

As now you understand, what a sticky agent is, let’s explore how it benefits call centers.

1. Keep customers happy

The first benefit of using this feature of the contact center solution is that it can help to keep customers happy. As customers get connected to the same agents, it results in time saver for clients. They don’t find the need of telling the whole long story. In fact, they can keep the long story short.

Furthermore, this feature helps agents to build strong customer relationships. As every time the same agent responds to the client, the agent works as a dedicated customer relationship manager. This can further delight the customer with a feeling of being special and valued by having a dedicated relationship manager.

2. Increase agent productivity

Agents usually handle multiple calls every day, so it is often tough for them to remember all details. But, along with the sticky agent, the contact center solution will have many more interesting features to help agents. For example, customer profiling will show all conversations of the customer with the contact center via any mode of communication if a call center uses an omnichannel contact center solution. This helps agents to recall the customer’s case quickly. The disposition feature available in the cloud call center solution gives a hint of a past conversation. This will help agents to resolve customer concerns quickly. It will help agents to perform more productively.

3. Improve KPIs

All call centers measure one or more KPIs (Key Performance Indicators), which are also referred to as success metrics. The advantage of measuring KPIs is that it can help in monitoring the performance of different aspects and take measurable steps to improve performance. The contact center solution provides an array of reports that show multiple KPIs. Sticky agent feature can help call centers to improve multiple KPIs such as:

  • CSAT (Customer Satisfaction) rate
  • Average call handling time
  • Average time to greet the customer
  • Average call hold time
  • Average call transfer rate
  • Average call wrap uptime
  • First call resolution (FCR)
  • And more


There are many advantages of using the sticky agent feature available in advanced contact center solutions. This type of software offers many more features to benefit call centers.

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