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How Does WhatsApp Chat in Business Increase Customer Delight?

Customer Care December 6, 2021

WhatsApp with two billion consumers has been driving professional and personal conversations. With this gigantic number of users, WhatsApp has become a new trendsetter in the customer care industry.

Along with the introduction of the WhatsApp business, innovative communication companies have launched multiple WhatsApp solutions such as the smart WhatsApp web tool. The increasing use of WhatsApp has also made it necessary to add WhatsApp as one of the communication channels into communication tools like a call center solution, IP PBX software, etc.

Regardless of the fact, how you use WhatsApp, whether by integrating into the call center solution with call center WhatsApp integration or as an individual tool, using it can increase customer delight.

Sell a customer experience that customers love

As customers have been using WhatsApp, adding it to your business communication tools would add to enhanced customer satisfaction. The call center WhatsApp integration helps you add WhatsApp within the contact center software. This will reduce the hassle while selling the customer experience that your clients love.

Support your support team with rich media

The technical or customer support team often finds it difficult to deliver the required details on a phone call if a business uses just a call center solution with voice support. However, a call center solution with integrated WhatsApp can provide rich media support to simplify the support process. Now, along with steps and information, the support team can also directly share invoices, support contract doc, tutorial video, etc. to provide better support to clients.

Never lose the track of past conversations

Usually, a call center solution lets agents look at the conclusion of the last call in the disposition field. However, it does not provide a view of the whole conversation. If you use WhatsApp as one of the communication channels, it provides a complete view to the agents for past conversations. Agents can also search for a specific word or phrase in the WhatsApp chat to get context for a conversation. This can help agents deliver a better customer experience.

Keep decisions and solutions documented

Usually, if a business uses a voice logger solution or a contact center solution, the calls can be recorded, but without a word spotting tool, it becomes difficult to find out a specific part of the conversation. On the other hand, WhatsApp chat provides a complete log of the conversation. This can be used to refer to the decisions taken by the customer or given resolution with date and time. This helps in dispute handling or pacifying an angry client.

Wrap up

WhatsApp can be a great business communication channel. Not only because most of the customers prefer using WhatsApp, but also because it provides multiple features that help the support agents to deliver a better customer experience. It creates a win-win situation for both clients and agents.

To help businesses use WhatsApp at its best potential, we offer the smart WhatsApp web tool and call center WhatsApp integration. If you want to use WhatsApp with business features, smart WhatsApp web is for you and if you are using a call center solution and want to add WhatsApp as a communication channel, then call center WhatsApp integration is an ideal choice for you. Contact us to discuss your requirements and the best solution.

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