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How Call Center Dialer is Useful in Call Centers?

There are many benefits of call center dialers and today managers vouch for the advantages of predictive technology to give an edge in customer service, satisfaction, customer management, customer retention, and customer profitability.

Elision DialShree Predictive Dialer is a software-based Dialer which assists organizations in doing away with expensive telephony boards and other related hardware which come with increased maintenance costs. DialShree Predictive Dialer is extremely easy to use and is a huge advantage in areas like telemarketing, payment collection, service follow-ups, surveys, and appointment confirmation.

Some of the benefits of call center dialers are:

Enhanced productivity:

The call center dialer is highly advantageous as it is capable of increasing the effective time agents of agents by almost three times and enables connection with live prospects. It is possible to have real conversations which can positively impact revenue.

Improved talk time:

The benefits of automated dialing are far reaching as it can spot and filter no-answers, voice mail, disconnected lines, busy signals, and fax machines and helps agents reduce dead time while improving talk time. It is proven with enough analysis that there is almost a 300% improvement in talk time in automated dialing vis-a-vis manual dialing. Analysis has shown that - in an hour automated dialing can enable 48 minutes of talk time versus 15 minutes of talk time with manual dialing.

Enhanced benefits with Predictive Dialer:

The Elision DialShree Predictive Dialer can really assist organizations in optimizing call center performance. It comes in with a built in dropped calls setting making it easier for administrators to track performance. This helps in improving performance and reducing rate of dropped calls.

This feature improves customer satisfaction which in turn can give a thrust to sales and revenue. Overall, a complete benefit to the organization! Boosts contact ratios and improves opportunities. The call center dialer is an excellent shot in the arm for the sales team as it is a good way to establish contact with leads and boost contact ratios.

When agents understand the benefits of the automated dialing capabilities of the call center dialer, the agents are in a better position to contact prospects, tap opportunities and improve sales numbers.

Progressive Dialer:

The Progressive Dialer only begins dialing at a time. This enables some form of control as calls are made only after the availability of agents and is a boost to drive B2B operations.

Limitless benefits:

The Elision DialShree Predictive Dialer takes very little time to be installed and working and this translates into lowered IT maintenance costs and flexibility to balance the extent of service provided.

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