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How Healthcare Call Center Solution Enhances Patient Experience?

Patient care and experience are very important in the healthcare industry. Along with the right medical treatment, on-time communication is also necessary to deliver a great patient experience. A call center solution plays a pivotal role here in improving the patient experience in any healthcare organization like a hospital, clinic, urban healthcare center, pathology laboratory, etc.

Let us share how a call center solution enhances the patient experience.

Self-serving options

Patients often need to attempt multiple calls or download and use a healthcare mobile app, which may cause phone memory issues in some cases. Some patients are not that tech-savvy that can use a mobile app to book a health checkup appointment or inquire about the bill or get answers to the frequently asked questions. A call center solution for the healthcare industry is a boon here. It has some self-serving features like a multi level IVR that lets patients or their family members take the required actions without downloading any apps or attempting the hospital number multiple times due to a busy tone.

Excellent patient care options available to the healthcare organization

A call center solution provides an amazing range of features that help hospitals, pharmacies, and other healthcare organizations to deliver excellent patient care. Let us share some of them:

  • Missed call and drop call reports:

    These reports let healthcare organizations check the calls that are missed or dropped due to certain reasons. In this case, the healthcare support team can give a callback to the patient.

  • Customer history during a live call:

    The call center software for hospitals or any other healthcare organization shows a popup within the call center solution screen. This popup shows all the information related to the patient. The support executive will be able to personalize the conversation with the patient based on the patient’s history. This helps in making patients feel valued and enhances the patient experience furthermore.

  • Unified communication channel support:

    The contact center solution for the healthcare industry can support unified communication channels. Even if a hospital or any other healthcare organization does not need an omnichannel call center solution, using SMS, email, WhatsApp, and social media as modes of communication has become a norm. Adding these modes of communication by integrating these communication channels within the contact center software can help call centers to improve the patient experience by providing them support via their preferred mode of communication. Also, in some cases, SMS and email become necessary. Using multichannel communication helps healthcare organizations in enhancing the patient experience.

  • Detailed logs:

    A call center solution also provides a wide array of reports and logs that a hospital, diagnostic center, or any other healthcare organization can use to enhance customer experience by taking the required steps. For example, the abandoned call reports show numbers that need to be contacted to reduce opportunity losses. The pick hours show the need of increased support staff to provide better patient care even during pick hours.


A call center solution for the healthcare industry comes with an array of features to provide the best patient experience. Improved patient experience helps healthcare organizations to leverage several benefits.

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