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How IP/PBX is Helpful for Corporate

News April 23, 2015

How IP/PBX Helpful For Corporate

Cost competitiveness is pivotal for organizational survival in a volatile market characterized by unpredictable changes and intense competition. IP/PBX, the automatic telephone exchange working via Internet protocol (IP) is easing the way corporates interacted internally.

Key Features of IP/PBX that Benefits Corporates:

• Facility to integrate with VoIP:

VoIP serves as the primary voice transmission medium. VoIP when integrated with IP/PBX facilitates creation of a single corporate network for the entire array of phone systems and also allow corporates to avail a host of additional sterling features which further pulls cost down.

• Requires little investment:

You need not invest a fortune to have the infrastructure to support IP/PBX operations in place. Additional laying of cables, routers etc. is done away with.

• Helps synchronize communication:

MNCs with officers scattered across the globe can synchronize the communication network over sub-divisions and ensure reliable transmission of critical information with IP/PBX.

• Flexible installation:

There is flexibility of installation offered by state-of-the-art IP/PBX system. Corporates reluctant about abandoning the conventional telephony system can get the wires connected to the IP/PBX interface and enjoy the services.

Else, the system can be run solely through software medium by linking the external communication channels to the Intranet based IP gateway.

• No additional hardware requirement:

The cloud technology can be effectively utilized to completely eliminate the need of installing even minor hardware. VoIP providers are increasingly offering access to the IP/PBX system through SIP protocols implemented remotely.

The VoIP provider would be responsible for maintaining the relevant software and hardware from its end.

• Reduce long-distance communication expenses:

Cost incurred in availing STD facilities for allowing geographically distributed office staff to communicate to head office can be significantly curbed.

• Ensures safe and secure network:

Data security ranks first in the list of priorities for corporates. Any unauthorized tampering or leakage of sensitive and classified data can spell havoc for the organization and bring it down on its feet.

The new IP/PBX technology allows setting up a highly secure network by thwarting attempts of eavesdropping or illegal access. Multi-level security ensures that the user is authenticated at different tiers before allowing the use of the system.

Malicious attempts of adversaries to gain access to your business’s confidential data are thoroughly discouraged. Your corporation thus gets to retain its competitive edge.

• Saves maintenance cost:

Corporates stand to save a lot of money which earlier was being used for maintaining an elaborate fleet of in-house maintenance staff responsible for up-keeping the telephone infrastructure.

With cloud system being prominently used, the IP/PBX system for the company can be managed remotely for a nominal fee. The company also need not hire experts at high CTC to keep the system moving. Idle manpower is eliminated.

IP/PBX system has come as a boon for the corporates. Apart from offering an amazing spectrum of services, the IP/PBX allows companies on a shoestring budget to sustain and make rapid professional strides.

Elision has been pioneering the process of ushering in IP/PBX system for corporates and is offering the entire gamut of services from initial setting up to complete maintenance and up-keep.

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