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How Payment Utility Benefits Collection Companies?

Click2Call August 22, 2019

Collection companies use call center software to run their campaigns in which they call customers to pay their EMI for an ongoing month as well as any of the pending EMIs from the past months if there are any.

The agents keep on going through contacts and using a call center predictive dialer or any other dialer of the call center solution to keep on calling customers until they make a payment. Generally, when the agent talks with the customer, the customer may give a promise to pay, also known as PTP, on a specific date or request to call back later at a specific time.

Some advanced call center solutions generate a callback as per the scheduled time and in other cases, the agent has to manually generate the call. Also, at the end of the call, the agent needs to write disposition message that gives a hint of the conversation done with the customer.

This is indeed a tedious process and it doesn’t stop here. Sometimes, it happens that the agent calls the customer who has already paid an EMI. In this case, either the customer gets frustrated or finds this behavior irritating.

This increases customer dissatisfaction. On the other hand, the call center dialer, other resources and time of the agent are completely wasted on this type of call where EMI is already cleared. Generally, with the traditional call center solution, the agents or supervisors manually update the contact list.

They manually screen the numbers and remove the numbers for the customers that have cleared payment. Then, they upload this updated list and again use the call center predictive dialer, or any other dialer to run the campaign of collection.

The traditional call center software doesn’t have personalization to help collection companies. But, DialShree has!

DialShree has developed a payment utility function and collection module which can be integrated into the DialShree or VICIDial.

How does payment utility resolve all above mentioned concerns?

The payment utility of the collection module has provisioning of triggers which can be a disposition such as EMI paid or payment date or payment history or a customer trigger. Whenever a trigger specifies that the EMI is already paid by the customer, the call center software itself filters that number. It saves a lot of time and also possible errors of calling customers that have cleared their EMIs.

The payment utility can also be customized to meet the specific need and the business model of the collection company by our experts.

The payment utility is just one out of the many features available in the collection module developed to be integrated into the call center software solutions for collection companies.

You can read guide on the collection module for call center solutions

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