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How to Balance Call Volume in a Call Center?

Customer Care August 17, 2020

Call centers handle incoming calls usually offer customer care services. They need to focus on better customer experience. Thus, call centers usually monitor different call center KPIs (Key Performance Indicators). One of the KPIs to be monitored in a call center delivering customer care service is call volume and the way it is handled.

In this article, we're sharing top tips 5 to handle the massive call volume.

1. Take advantage of IVR

IVR is a feature available in any call center solution. If used correctly, it can reduce the number of calls that your agents need to handle. One of the tips to be applied is to answer commonly asked questions via an IVR. This will serve customers with the solution they expect in the first call itself as well it will reduce the number of calls to be attended by agents.

2. Use omnichannel call center solution

An omnichannel call center solution is a system, which supports multiple communication channels. Using this software can help a call center in the process of managing call volume in a better way. Using this software will not only reduce the call, but it will also help in increasing customer satisfaction. Your customers will get support on their preferred mode of communication.

3. Train agents

Skilled agents can be a great weapon in your arsenal. Your agents need to know common issues and exact solution to that issue. The first thing to focus on is a training program to increase their knowledge about your offerings.

A majority of callers complain that agents in call centers do not know the product or services offered by the company. If this fact is true for your call center, it will not only increase customer frustration, but it will also increase call queues, average call duration, call drops, abandoned calls, etc.

4. Review common issues and get resolution accordingly

Call center solutions come with amazing features and using them wisely can be in your favor. Reports feature in the call center solution is one of the features that can help you monitor performance and many other KPIs. One of the usages of reports is that you can get to know about common issues faced by the customers.

Knowing common issues can help you define a common solution. For example, you can include that issue as a question in an IVR option with the solution in the response. You can add that on your webpage to give information on the same. There are many other ways you can resolve the common issues without wasting the time of the customers.

5. Hire more agents

If you are experiencing long call queues in the call centers, it is time to increase agent seats in the call center software and hire more agents. This is necessary as you are growing and to manage call volume, you need to increase agents as well.

Follow these tips to handle call volume perfectly. Moreover, use the best call center software. Contact us to know more.

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