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How to Create the Right IVR for Customer Care?

IVR (Interactive Voice Response) system used to be an independent solution and still many companies and call centers use it as an independent solution. Because of its amazing functionality and several advantages, many VoIP and telecommunication solutions have made it an integral feature. For example, a call center solution, IP PBX software, etc. solution has IVR as one of the features out of many available.

The customer care departments or centers majorly use IVR for offering self-serving options or to connect customers with the right agents. The call center solution has this feature as one of the call center automation features. To deliver satisfactory customer care services, the call centers need to use this feature strategically. Immature use of the IVR feature of the call center solution can result in increased customer frustration.

To help you in the right IVR designing for customer care, here are the top tips.

1. Keep the IVR menu short

  • Customers need to remember the IVR menu along with listening to it. Therefore, it is necessary to keep IVR menus short.
  • Short IVR menu and fewer options are easy to remember, so customers will not need to re-listen to it.
  • This can help in reducing the efforts of listening to it.

2. Voice prompts must use natural and easy to understand language

  • The advanced call center solution offers a Text to Speech (TTS) feature and some customer care departments use professional voice artists to create voice prompts.
  • Whether you use TTS or a professional voice artist, it is necessary to have voice prompts in the local language and accents of the target customers.
  • The spoken words need to be loud and clear for the listener.
  • The professional artist needs to make sure there is no background noise while recording the voice prompts.

3. Put commonly selected options in the beginning

  • It is another way to create an easy IVR menu for the customers.
  • The call center solution can help to identify the options that are used commonly.
  • To design the right IVR menu, you must put the commonly selected options in the beginning.

4. Give options to repeat the menu or return to the main menu

  • Even if it is a commonly practiced standard, often some call centers and customer care departments skip this option.
  • The customer must get the option to re-listen to the IVR menu and also return to the main menu. This helps them choose the right option if they feel lost.

5. Give the option to talk to the agent

  • Many customers prefer to talk to a human agent compared to using self-serving options offered by a call center solution.
  • Instead of adding up to the frustration of the customers, it is better to give the option to talk to the human agents.

These are the top 5 tips to follow to design the right IVR in any company or call center that offers customer care services.

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