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How to Empower Customer Service Agents in Banks?

The competition is increasing in the banking sector due to rising private banks. Banks need to focus more on customer care to empower customers. The banking industry has started using more powerful and digitized tools to deliver better customer services.

Along with using the right tools, banks should also take further steps to empower customer service agents in banks. In this article, we will share major tips that any bank can follow to empower customer care agents, so they can deliver a better customer experience.

1. Use an omnichannel call center solution

A majority of banks use a call center solution instead of a multi level IVR solution to provide better customer services. However, a call center solution with voice calling is not sufficient. Customers prefer to communicate with banking agents via their preferred communication channels. Thus, it is necessary to use an omnichannel call center solution. Banks can also use an omnichannel contact center software to send two-way verification, use email to send credit card bills, etc.

2. Automate card or net banking blocking process

Panic is common among customers that have lost their credit cards or debit cards or they are facing net banking hack attacks. In this case, if agents will authorize the customer before blocking a card, the customer may get more furious. This may not only put agents in a difficult situation, but may also reduce the customer satisfaction (CSAT) rate. Here, the best solution is to let customers block their banking cards or net banking access via any of the following options:

  • Mobile banking
  • Internet banking
  • Hot marking with an IVR

3. Let customers talk to the same agent

All call center solutions, including cloud contact center solutions, provide a feature called a sticky agent. This feature ensures whenever a customer calls, the call connects to the same agent. Allowing the same agent to handle customer concerns will not only boost the morale of the banking agent, but will also help the agent to easily build a strong customer relationship.

4. Provide more information about a customer to the agent

If you provide more details about a customer to an agent, the agent will be able to handle customer concerns more easily. He will also be able to provide personalized responses. For example, customer profiling is one of the features available in the best call center software such as DialShree. This feature provides all interactions of customers via any communication channels to agents. This helps agents to learn about common issues faced by clients and deliver better resolution in the first call.

Call center CRM integration is another option a bank can use to empower its customer care agents with more details about customers. Agents can see all the required information about clients within the screen of call center dialer software to provide personalized and quicker resolutions.

These are the top tips that any bank can follow to empower its agents, so they can deliver better customer service. If you are looking for unified communication tools for banks, we have multiple feature rich communication tools to offer. Contact us to book a free demo and explore more details about these tools.

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