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How to Enhance Customer Experience Using WhatsApp in Call Center?

Some commonly used tools in any call center are a call center solution, a CRM system, etc. Nowadays, with the increasing shift towards better customer experience, more and more call centers have started focusing on delivering an omnichannel experience to clients using an omnichannel call center solution. It lets call centers deliver an excellent customer experience across all touchpoints.

One of the most important communication channels is WhatsApp. Many call centers have already invested in call center WhatsApp integration even if they don’t use an omnichannel contact center solution. In an omnichannel communication solution, it is one of the default communication channels.

In multiple ways, call centers can enhance customer experience using WhatsApp. Let us share how.

Provide quick updates

More than 2 billion users actively use WhatsApp daily. It means it is one of the most convenient communication channels for consumers. Due to the invention of some apps, which show the name and tag of a call center, it has become difficult to reach customers using a common communication channel supported by a call center solution.

WhatsApp lets call centers send any promotion, offer, alert, notification, or update to the customer without getting fear of getting ignored.

Reach out to customers without disturbing them

Many customers have very tight schedules and they are less likely to give a dedicated time to speak to a call center agent. An omnichannel call center solution with WhatsApp as a communication channel help in overcoming this challenge. Call center agents can send a message and even have a conversation with the customer without asking customers to stay actively online. This helps call center agents to keep moving the conversation.

Get notified about reading messages

Even when WhatsApp is integrated into a call center dialer software solution like a cloud contact center solution, you will receive all features of the WhatsApp web. It means you will be able to see send and read notifications for each WhatsApp message. This can help agents to ensure a message is not only sent, but also read by the customer.

Send more personalized details

WhatsApp supports personalized communication with rich media. Call center solution users can send files, pictures, screenshots, videos, audio files, documents, etc. via WhatsApp. This can help agents to provide more details to customers, which are not viable to share over a call.

Build a strong relationship by adding emotional connect

WhatsApp supports emoticons in chat. Using them can help agents build a more personalized and strong relationship with customers. As call center experts have been saying, emotional connection can keep customers loyal to a brand. By using the right approach and WhatsApp rich communication features, call center agents can definitely improve customer satisfaction and build a strong relationship.

In a nutshell, WhatsApp brings a powerful tool for call centers. It helps in enhancing the customer experience and increasing client loyalty. We offer an omnichannel call center solution. Moreover, we offer a call center WhatsApp integration service. Contact us for more details.

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