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How to Improve Call Center Security?

Open Source December 10, 2020

Call centers usually handle a huge volume of data and manage confidential information such as customer contact details, their buying habits, etc. Therefore, security becomes a concern. There are multiple things any call center can do to ensure high security of the call center software.

We will share some of the top tips to help you secure your call center:

1. Invest in the right call center software

Call center solution is one of the widely used solutions in call centers. All calls or any other modes of conversation get carried out via a call center solution. Therefore, security is the most important thing.

To keep call centers secure, it is advisable to use the right call center solution with better security features.

Pro tip: Use proprietary call center software instead of open source because the code of an open-source solution is open to all. This makes it vulnerable.

2. Keep upgrading call center technology

The call center software is one of the most progressive industries. Some of the advancements get introduced to make this solution secure. For example, call center WhatsApp integration ensures agents offer support via WhatsApp, but without using their personal contact numbers. All conversations get logged. Technology upgrade also helps in securing this software from external attacks.

3. Make IT infrastructure access secure

Whether you use an on-premises or a cloud call center solution, it is necessary to mandate its secure access. Supervisors, agents, or any other person accessing the call center dialer, or any other IT infrastructure needs to be authorized and authenticated before giving them access.

4. Invest in high-security tools and solutions

Some call center solutions like DialShree offers additional security features to strengthen the security of the software. DialShree offers an add-on for advanced security. It has multiple features to give all-embracing security to the call center software:

  • Default port customization
  • Firewall implementation
  • GRUB security
  • FAIL2BEAN installation
  • Webroot directory security implementation
  • And many more

Know more about Advanced Call Center Software Security Add-on

5. Invest regularly in risk assessment

In any organization, there can be two major areas causing security concerns:

  1. Technological security issues and
  2. Operational security concerns

Even if you have already invested in consolidating the security of a call center from both aspects, it is advisable to invest in risk assessment at a regular interval.

Risk assessment experts will analyze all aspects to ensure there are no security hacks.

You can also take the help of your or any third party QA engineer to run security testing to ensure there are no holes in security for the technological tools.

Strict HR rules and legal NDA can help to secure a call center from internal security threats.

Concluding notes

Security is really important for a call center similar to any other business. Taking steps to consolidate your operational and technical aspects can help you improve security to safeguard the system from data loss, data thefts, hack attacks, etc.

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