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How to Increase Customer Satisfaction in Your Call Center?

Customer satisfaction is very important in call centers and support centers. In fact, the customer satisfaction rate defines success and growth rate of the call center.

To increase customer satisfaction call center often invests on the best call center software as well as hire the most experience supervisors and trainers still they struggle in increasing customer satisfaction.

If your call center is facing the same situation, fret not as in this blog, you will learn about the top 3 tips to increase the customer satisfaction.

1. Put best agent to remove major dissatisfaction reasons

Often some of the biggest complaints of the customers are that the agents who handle their call don’t have required knowledge or they need to explain the same thing again and again to different agents as well as the call hold time is usually longer. These are the major reasons of customer dissatisfaction.

The solution is available with usage of technology. If you are providing customer care service, then use Sticky Agent who can work as a personal representative for the customer. If the caller is calling for the first time, you can use skill based call routing so the caller can get the best answer within minimum time and without any call transfer.

Also, make sure to invest in the Agent Training on time to time basis so the skills and knowledge of the agents stay upgraded and they can handle the customer calls more professionally and provide answers quickly. All these features are available in an ideal call center solution.

2. Offer personalized responses

Everyone likes to feel valued and special and that is true in the call centers as well. If the agents will read the same monotonous script to all customers, they will not really get engaged in the conversation and it would not increase customer satisfaction.

They might get the answers of their queries, but you will definitely not get the happy customers. To increase the ratio of happy and satisfied customer, make sure that agents provide personalized responses to the callers. This can be achieved by showing the record of the customer stored in the CRM system to the agent within a call center solution.

This can be achieved with a little investment on call center CRM integration.  It is a onetime investment and once both of these systems are integrated, it will let your agents provide personalized answers to increase customer engagement, satisfaction and happiness.

3. Use Supervisory Controls available in call center solution

The call center software comes with a feature rich supervisor panel. It offers many features to the supervisors such as,

  • Live Call View (LCV)
  • Call recording and playback
  • Whisper
  • Barge-in
  • Search a call recording based on various filters such as,
    • Date wise
    • By a specific word
    • Agent wise
    • Campaigns wise
    • And more
  • Reports

All these features must be used by the supervisors in real-time and occasionally to identify roadblocks in customer satisfaction. Based on the findings the supervisors can train agents or take other important actions to increase skills in agents that further increase customer satisfaction.

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