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How to Keep Lead Data Secure In CRM System?

CRM February 19, 2019

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system is one of the most powerful tools. There would be hardly any organization which doesn’t use the same. The powerful CRM system helps businesses to keep the records of their customers and prospective clients in a well defined and professional manner.

Also, it gives a clear view of the customer journey. The sales and business development team can use all useful information stored within the CRM system to strategize their offerings and proposals. This further helps in increasing the lead generation rate. Taking a step further, the CRM solutions also help in automating certain actions.

This saves a lot of time and efforts of the sales team, which can be channelized in the direction of lead conversion. This is the reason aggregating automation in the open source CRM solution is very popular. One of the most in-demand services, that is why, is the vTiger customization service these days.

Each innovation comes with a risk and the CRM system is not an exception here. Looking at another side of the coin, the CRM system often exposes private and confidential lead data in front of developers and junior or trainee sales staff and business developers. They can download and misuse this vital information which can be hazardous for a business. Thus, it is very important to take required steps of protections to safeguard the information of the CRM system in all ways.

We, at Elision, have been helping businesses with vTiger customization and custom CRM customization with an innovative security module. This module makes sure that the confidential lead data is not visible to anyone other than the management and top level executives.

Below is the approach which this security module follows:

  • We perform the CRM customization to add encryption and a decryption model to the confidential lead data.
  • Once this step is performed, the executives can see the encrypted contact details of the lead. It means instead of showing real telephone or mobile number of the customer, the CRM system will show encrypted key to the executive or agent.
  • We also add click2call feature within the CRM system, so the agent or executive just needs to click on the record of the lead or the name of the lead, as per the configuration, and the call will be generated.

This way, the agents and / or executives in your company can make calls from within the CRM system and that, too, without seeing actual lead data. This helps in saving time in addition to protecting the customer information.

We have many other CRM specific offerings to make it more powerful. Contact us to see a demo and discuss more details about the CRM customization. We provide this service for both open source and proprietary CRM customization.

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