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How to Optimize Your Omnichannel Strategy?

VoIP solutions November 7, 2019

In modern times, many businesses and brands have adopted and executed the omnichannel approach for providing a seamless customer experience. However, most of these businesses do not have a proper plan chalked out for the omnichannel approach.

In order to deliver the customer experience that your customers expect from you, it is crucial to plan well in advance as to how the channels will function, their management and quality checks for efficiency.

What is the omnichannel strategy?

Omnichannel strategy is a way or means used by organizations to improve customer experience. It is a multichannel approach implemented by many brands to provide customers with a seamless purchasing experience across all platforms, be it online shopping through websites, mobile apps or purchasing offline by visiting the stores.

The omnichannel consists of strategic customer touch points across many channels allowing the customers to start at the same point where they had left off on the previous channel.

The omnichannel strategy involves seamless integration of the different channels that a brand uses to communicate with its customers. In a nutshell, omnichannel is an effective approach for sales and marketing by providing the best customer experience.

Mentioned below are the practices to be followed by any business or brand to optimize their omnichannel strategy:

1) Selecting the channels wisely

Depending on key information like the number of inquiries received each day or the number of hits or traffic the social media platforms receive, it is possible to plan how the channels are to be utilized. For example, if a large number of calls are being received, it would be wise to make use of channels like live chat, Twitter, Facebook, etc.

These channels are not only cost effective but help to provide customer support at a faster rate in comparison to the voice channel. Also, if the customers are visiting your website or app frequently for reading about new brand content, it would make sense to invest time here rather than other channels. It's all about being where your customers are.

2) Communicating to the customers’ ways of reaching out to you

It is vital that your customers know when to contact you and how to contact you. For this, your website should have a list of all channels on which your business is active. It is also important to mention the support hours so that the customers know when to contact you.

3) Synchronization of all channels

The omnichannel strategy will only be successful if the customers are able to seamlessly switch over from one channel to another. It is essential that a customer can shift from one channel to the other without wasting valuable time and repeating the same information again.

A CRM tool is an effective solution to achieve this as it would help in maintaining a centralized database of customer information. It will also allow the executives to make real-time updates in the system.

4) Empowering and training the agents effectively

One needs to understand that every channel is different and requires different skill sets. For example, email and live chat support would require excellent written communication skills, whereas voice calls require effective verbal communication skills in order to create bonding with customers. The focus must be on training the agents well, according to the channel allocated to them.

5) Analyzing the efficiency of all channels

Data analysis is vital in order to check whether the omnichannel strategy is working properly or not. The functioning of all channels must be analyzed on the basis of various key performance indicators (KPIs). If a channel is not functioning up to its mark or lagging behind, then steps must be immediately taken to identify the loopholes and bring in the required changes to get the channel working effectively in full swing.

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