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How to Reduce Expenses of Call Center?

VoIP solutions August 3, 2020

Similar to any other business, reducing expenses is one of the prime focuses of call centers. Reducing expenses directly results in increasing returns over investment (ROI). There are many strategies a call center can adopt to reduce the expenses and in this article, we will talk about the top strategies, which help call centers to reduce costs significantly.

1. Choose between in-house call center software vs. call center service

To run a call center, but obviously, you cannot continue using the traditional telephony method. You need a feature-rich call center solution. To get this software, so you can run call center campaigns, call centers have two options:

  1. Buy a call center software or
  2. Rent a call center solution using call center services

General approach though by call center owners is buying this software. However, think of your need and other expenses related to it such as hosting costs, maintenance costs, etc. Based on this, you need to make a choice. Compare the total cost of both approaches and calculate the ROI and based on that make the right decision. Do not just go for whatever option everyone chooses.

2. Hire skilled agents

In a call center, first call resolution, customer satisfaction ratio, and many other KPIs are under the control of your agents. Thus, you have to have experienced and skilled agents. Based on the campaigns you run, KPIs you focus, and services or products you offer, define recruitment criteria. According to these recruitment criteria, hire agents to make sure call per cost and other expenses stay under control.

3. Use unified communication

Traditionally, call centers used to use audio calling for customer support and to reach out to prospects to generate sales. However, this is not the case any longer. Omnichannel call center solutions are launched in the market and there are many call centers and businesses, which have started using them.

As per the shared details by Aberdeen Group, businesses using unified communication channels in their call centers enjoy 9.5 % direct growth compared to 3.5% of the companies, which do not use an omnichannel call center solution. Thus, implementing multiple communication channels can help you reduce expenses.

4. Train team

Even if you have skilled and experienced agents, it is pretty normal that they lack some of the required skills. For example, some agents can perform exceptionally well with predictive dialer driven campaigns and some cannot perform for that at all. Some are masters in achieving first call resolution and some are not.

In conclusion, each agent may lack certain skills and he can definitely improve if the correct training is provided. Thus, you must invest resources in providing the best training by grouping agents based on the weak points. As mentioned earlier, skilled agents will definitely bring down costs.

These are the top tips you can follow to reduce the expenses of your call center. We offer both, call center services and omnichannel call center solution. Contact us for more details.

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