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How to Successfully Apply Self Service in Your Call Center?

Call center automation has been benefiting call centers. There are many call centers that have gained a lot of benefits by implementing the self-serving options made available by call center automation technologies. Adding self-serving options in a call center can bestow many benefits, but can also do the complete opposite.

It may increase the frustration of people if it is not implemented strategically. In this article, we will share a quick guide, which you can follow to make sure you successfully apply self-service options in your call center.

Understand the need for self-serving areas

Many call centers want to automate as many parts as possible in a call center. However, this can increase frustration among customers. Automation has to be implemented using a call center solution only for the areas that can be enhanced with automation.

For example, implementing call center automation in answering frequently asked questions is the right approach, but putting a robot and automating the whole customer support operational area would not be. Use, call logs, reports, and other data available in your call center solution to identify the areas that can be enhanced with call center automation.

Do not make self-serving options overwhelming or enforced

The call center automation is introduced by the contact center solutions to improve self-serving options with an aim to delight customers and prospects. Many customers prefer and demand self-serving options, but not all of them prefer that. Therefore, you always need to give them the option to talk to the customer support agent.

Moreover, options related to self-serving have to be simple and easy to follow. You need to make sure that the IVR menu is not too long or complicated. Keep things easy and simplified. Keep minimum options and a less complicated IVR menu.

Keep monitoring customer reaction to automation

The automation implemented at the call center using a cloud call center solution needs to be tested for effectiveness. A call center must measure whether it is resolving the customer concerns or not; or if there are any enhancements, a call center can do to improve customer satisfaction with the self-serving options.

Monitoring KPIs using the call center software reports and other features is necessary to make sure the introduced automation is doing the magic that it should. You can also run a survey using a survey add-on available in the call center software like DialShree.

Keep improving and enhancing

A call center can run A/ B testing to make sure in certain areas what works better: manual support or self-serving options? The call center also needs to keep its attention on the areas that can be automated and adding more self-serving options.

These are the top tips that can be used to successfully apply self-serving options in the call centers.

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