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How to Transform Your Call Center into an Omnichannel Call Center?

Call centers that have been using a single communication channel to deliver customer care or run other campaigns need to follow a proper process to transform their call centers into omnichannel call centers. Simply buying an omnichannel contact center solution will not be enough. From processes to agents, customers, and everything else need to be considered in this journey of transforming a call center into an omnichannel contact center.

We have been helping call centers with our call center software, custom call center integration, and other services and solutions for more than 13 years. With our collective experience in this industry, we have come up with a stepwise guide that can help you transform your call center into a successful omnichannel contact center.

1. Get the best call center software with unified communication channel support

The journey of transformation starts with the best tools and technology. You must get a feature rich contact center solution that supports omnichannel communication. The cost of an omnichannel call center solution would be at the higher end, so you can deal with pricing challenges by using a hosted cloud contact center solution if needed. But, don’t compromise with the quality, features, or technology.

2. Train agents to use the software effectively

The best contact center software has to be used optimally. Agents will majorly use the system. Thus, you must give thorough training to use this platform effectively to agents. Also, it helps agents understand the different standards of using different communication channels, common customer expectations, etc.

3. Map the customer journey

The major reason behind using an omnichannel contact center solution is that customers can contact support or sales centers using multiple channels and by using a single platform all communication channels can be managed. It means this call center management software streamlines the processes and provides a holistic view of the platform. Thus, the system must provide past interactions of a customer with the call center regardless of the communication channel used by the agent to provide a holistic view. On the other hand, an agent must know how to use this functionality effectively.

4. Use different communication channels

To ensure the software and all communication channels are used sparingly, the contact center must train agents to use all different communication channels. Depending on the type of conversation and information that needs to be shared, the communication channel needs to be used. This will also encourage customers to use different communication channels.

These are the top tips and stepwise processes that a call center can follow to transform a single-channel or traditional call center into an omnichannel contact center.

To run a successful call center and to transform to an omnichannel contact center, you will need the best omnichannel contact center solution.

We offer omnichannel call center software, as well as, we provide integration of different communication channels into a call center solution to transform it into an omnichannel platform. Contact us to discuss your requirement and book a free demo of our omnichannel platform.

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