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How vTiger Customization Empower Businesses?

Customer Care June 17, 2019

vTiger is a leading CRM solution which is in use by thousands of companies all across the world. It is an open source CRM system. Thus, it is in use by small, medium and large scaled businesses. To use vTiger: CRM solution, the only investment needs to be made on it is to install and setup this open source CRM solution.

According to the vTiger experts and other industry leaders, vTiger in its pure form is a really powerful tool. However, each business is different and each business has its own sort of business model. Thus, to take care of the business and various operations which involve a CRM solution, the vTiger customization can be really useful.

One can get custom vTiger module development or just enhance the functionality of this CRM system with its operations. The vTiger experts often first analyze and understand the operations of the company and based on that they make a suggestion of vTiger customization in a way that it can help in increasing the productivity and accuracy of the data stored in the vTiger: CRM solution. They also automate some tasks so the manual staff can be free to take care of other operations which need their expertise and experience.

One more really popular vTiger customization service is adding click to call functionality in it. Once the click to call functionality gets added into the vTiger CRM system, its users can generate calls without any need of a third party application or a hardware based phone or dialing a number manually. The system will generate and connect the call. This saves a lot of time of the users.

The vTiger experts can also encrypt the data that is shown to the employees who access the vTiger solution. This way the sensitive information about the customer such as, his / her contact details can be kept secure and protected from any misuse.

The VICIDial vTiger customization is also one of the popular vTiger customization services used by the businesses and call centers. This helps in using both VICIDial: Call Center Solution and vTiger: CRM solution within a single sign on. It also keeps the same copy of data in both systems. The vTiger experts can integrate the vTiger CRM solution with any call center software.

The vTiger experts can help you leverage real benefits of this powerful open source CRM solution, namely, vTiger. We are one of the companies which have a team of vTiger experts and we have performed development, customization, automation, integration and many other types of operations on the vTiger: CRM solution. Contact us to discuss your requirement.

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