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How WhatsApp Can Engage Customers in E-commerce Industry?

Everyone knows the fact that WhatsApp is the most popular mobile messaging app. There are 2 billion active users in around 180 countries. This clearly proves the worth of adding WhatsApp as a communication channel in any business. The stats related to WhatsApp as a business communication channel show a high urge of using it in all industries.

In fact, many industry verticals have already started using this software. The e-commerce industry is one of the industries that can use this mode of communication to improve customer satisfaction and engage customers and prospects.

Usually, eCommerce stores use a call center solution to provide the required customer support and they use social media marketing to generate sales and attract more buyers. Some of the online stores also use the live chat feature to answer the quick questions of customers and online shoppers.

WhatsApp can be used in providing customer support, increasing sales, and nurturing customer relationships. Call center WhatsApp integration integrates WhatsApp into the call center solution, so agents can use all WhatsApp web features without leaving the screen of the call center solution.

WhatsApp can be used in multiple ways in the eCommerce industry to engage customers, let me share some of them briefly.

Share the latest offers and coupon codes to increase sales

Personalized marketing is a great way to increase sales. Unlike social media marketing, which broadcasts marketing messages, WhatsApp marketing is a personalized way of communication. Also, people check WhatsApp messages at the earliest possible, unlike social media marketing posts, which may not reach all prospects and customers you have in the list. Therefore, the first approach of using WhatsApp for the eCommerce industry is sending the latest offers and coupon codes. Some smart WhatsApp tools can be used for smart WhatsApp marketing.

Answer queries to increase online shopping

Customers might have some questions to ask before making a purchase. The omnichannel call center solution with a live chat and WhatsApp as communication channels can be a great tool to provide the required support. Giving quick responses to online buyers in real-time increases revenues and enhances buyer’s journey.

Customer support to delight customers

Customers sometimes face post-sales issues and providing the required support to resolve those concerns is necessary. Usually, the customers call the customer support centers to get a resolution of their concerns. The call center solution is an amazing tool here to attend the calls of customers to attend concerns and queries, but WhatsApp can also be an added channel to provide customer support.

WhatsApp can be used to send quick updates, documents of invoices, manuals, etc. It can make sure your customers are aware that you are working on their issues and offering better services. Here, call center WhatsApp integration is necessary to provide the right customer support via WhatsApp and other communication channels as well.

These are the major ways WhatsApp improves the engagement of customers in the eCommerce industry. If your eCommerce store needs WhatsApp integration or a call center solution, contact us.

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