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Impact Of WebRTC Client Solution In The Education And eLearning Sector

WebRTC November 13, 2018

The most prevalent educational field is continuously undergoing through the latest innovations and updates. Various eLearning platforms continuously go under transformation. This has created a big space for the WebRTC.

The majority of the students as well as educators everyday interact with one another, but this is now becoming as the primarily-used standard web page as well as document-based user interfaces.

The currently used methodology

Currently, there are audio and video conferencing options which are majorly known and available in the educational field for the students and educators like Skype and Adobe Connect.

It’s a known fact that both these solutions require additional software or a complete standalone application to be installed. Also, the setup time for establishing these conferences or calls is quite high while some even require a license fee or setup cost (in case of some software).

Google Hangouts is also getting popular in the education and eLearning space, but this also requires a special plugin to be installed in the system.

Introduction of WebRTC Client Solution

WebRTC has been introduced for education and eLearning sector, which is like a boon for the said sector. With the introduction of this solution, now it has become possible to have a seamless solution for establishing a flawless connection between students and teachers.

WebRTC solution has eliminated all the set up hurdles by having required no extra plug-ins and by providing easy to use interface. This solution offers video, web and audio conferencing which lets teachers hold live seminars and workshops while promoting eLearning.

It offers screen sharing option as well as a whole host of other real-time interaction options with the existing web tools that offer convenience to the educators and students in communicating.
Some of the key features:

  • Audio and video calling
  • Conferencing
  • Messaging and chatting
  • Screen sharing
  • Files and data sharing

Apart from this, the WebRTC client solution allows you to add some simple JavaScript and HTML to the existing web pages while introducing new interaction options that can be introduced quickly and easily.

With this technology, the users are able to view just one or two new buttons appearing on their page which just requires a single click on them to start a video call, screen sharing session or any other thing.

Thus, with the WebRTC solution, the education field is flourishing consistently as never before. If you also belong the similar industry and don’t want any barrier in communication, then look no further! Reach us and we’ll help you with our best WebRTC client solution.

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