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Importance of Video Chat in Call Centers

Call center solutions are advancing by adopting multiple advanced features and characteristics. Each advanced feature has its own benefits to offer to the organization that uses it. For example, an omnichannel call center solution is used in many organizations and industries. An omnichannel call center solution supports multiple communication channels and each of them has its own pros. In this blog, we will discuss the importance of video chat in the call centers.

Video chat in a call center has a very vital role to play and as per the industry or nature of the campaign, one can use this communication channel available in an omnichannel call center solution. To help you comprehend its vitality, we will share some strong use cases and its impact on the results to benefit call centers:

1. Deliver better customer experience

Face to face conversation often creates a better and stronger impression on the customers. This is the reason still many businesses delegate a representative who visits customers for routine meetings or to resolve any of their queries.

Omnichannel call center solution provides a video chat feature that allows one to one and multiparty video chat. It gives a similar experience as having a physical meeting. Thus, it plays a really important role in delivering a better customer experience. It also improves customer satisfaction and helps in leveraging all benefits related to happy customers.

2. Increase leads and sales

Video chat lets your agents use the power of emotions and body language while pitching customers for any products or services. As per the sales experts, expressions make a huge difference in enticing a prospective customer to buy your offerings.

Traditional communication channels of an omnichannel call center solution do not provide this effect of strong and persuasive body language. By using video chat features, agents can increase lead generation as well as conversion. One can also use screen sharing and file-sharing along with video chat to make sales pitch more persuasive. This helps in increasing leads and sales significantly.

3. Video KYC and real-time support

KYC (Know Your Customer) is important to know your clients and then deliver services as per their likings and preferences. Moreover, it helps in delivering better customer services. In some industry verticals, the KYC process is mandatory. For example, banks and insurance agencies in some companies need to collect documents from the customers as well as take their picture in a physical meeting.

In today’s busy world, asking your customers to come to your branch office for KYC is disturbing their routine. It also creates some dissatisfaction as they need to take extra steps. By using video chat KYC processing can be performed remotely. There are many banks, which have adopted video chat to process KYC remotely as per the convenience of the customer. This helps customers and banks, both.


Video chat is an important communication channel in a call center to take care of various jobs more efficiently. We offer an omnichannel call center solution, which has video chat as one of the communication channels to empower its users. Contact us for more details.

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