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Integrate TTS in Indian Accents, Hindi or English, In Your Telephony Applications

Voice Broadcasting November 21, 2017

TTS is an abbreviation of Text to Speech application. The TTS solution is used with different modules and solutions to offer text to speech conversion to the users and customers. There are many big applications which have TTS as its part; also, there are individual applications for text to speech conversion.

What is the usage of the TTS (Text-To-Speech) application?

This application can be used in a range of telephony applications such as IVR (Interactive Voice Response) solution, Voice broadcasting solutions, Music on Hold, etc. In this type of telephony applications, TTS solution converts a written text message into the voice message which can be then played to the callers, in the case of solutions such as IVR; and message receivers, in the case of solutions, such as voice broadcasting solution.

We, Elisiontec, have launched a TTS (Text-to-Speech) solution which can be used and integrated with any kind of telephony application. This TTS solution supports Indian accents for two different languages which are listed below:

  1. Hindi and
  2. English

It means you can write a text in any of the language stated above and it will be vocalized in that respective language. The speech will be in professional Indian accents and can be played to the callers and listeners.

Here are the two utilities, shared for better understanding of TTS application developed and launched by Elisiontec:

Use case 1:

If you are a hotel owner and you want to send a confirmation voice message to your customer using the voice broadcasting solution integrated with the TTS application, which play message in English language:

Hello <customer name>,

This is a gentle reminder call from hotel name about your room booking on <date> for <no. of people> people. To confirm your booking, send ‘yes’; to make any changes, send ‘request’. Thank you.

Use case 2:

If you are a telephone service provider and you want to send a confirmation message to the customer’s reference in Hindi, you can play following message in Hindi accents:

नमस्कार, ये telephone company से verification call हे.

<name1> ने aircel का prepaid connection लिया हे और reference के लिये आपका नाम और number दिया हे. क्रिपिया अपने phone का dialpad use करते हुए अगले दो प्रश्नों का जवाब दे.

अगर आपका नाम,  <name2> हे तो एक दबाये  नहीं तो दो दबाये

अगर आप <name1> को जानते हे तो एक दबाये नहीं तो दो दबाये

In both the cases, the details written in the <brackets> will be fetched from the database. It means you can send a personalized message to your customers or prospects.

Isn’t it amazing?

To learn more about this TTS (Text To Speech) solution or to get a free demo, please contact us now!

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