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Integrated CRM Is Must for Seamless Working in Call Centers

Customer Care October 24, 2019

It is quite common for people to feel frustrated just at the thought of calling a customer support team for any product or service. That is the feeling that people have about call centers.

However, with the tough competition faced by businesses in today's world, they realize that the only way to be distinctly different from others is to offer world-class customer service to their customers. One such technology, which they can use to provide the best-in-class customer support is the call center CRM integration.

The CRM system

It is the customer relationship management system that helps a call center agent in identifying the customers' requirements by providing them useful information about a customer.

Call center solution and CRM system

The call center solution and CRM system are two vital tools used by the call center executives. They use the former to run call campaigns, while the latter gives them details of the caller using which they can provide personalized support to each customer.

The major challenge faced by most agents is toggling between two different screens of the call center solution and CRM system. The use of call center CRM integration would help agents overcome this challenge as both the tools will work in unison with each other.

Key characteristics of call center CRM integration:

API integration

API (Application Programming Interface) is a tool that enables the computer to access and edit data by loading pages. Once the call center solution and CRM system establish communication through the API, they are integrated.

Integration with multiple systems

Any business uses several tools and systems to function. Some of them include platforms like AdWords, Facebook or Google apps, chat tools. The call center CRM integration enables all these tools to work in harmony as a single system.

Real time data update

As the call center CRM integration enables synchronization of different systems, any details or information fed in one system will get automatically updated in the other. Hence, both systems will have real-time data at all times.

Reduced workload of agents

With call center CRM integration, the agents no longer have to switch operations between two screens. They can use one single screen to access two systems. Also, all the information about a customer is provided to the agent during a live call in the call center solution itself.

Enhanced accuracy and efficiency

Many times, customers feel that the agents do not have adequate knowledge about the products or services they offer. This is because the agents take a lot of time to look up for information that they need to provide to the customer. With call center CRM integration, they will have all the information at their fingertips without the need to switch systems.

Improved KPIs

With all the information available to the agents at one go, it is quite common that the Average Wait Time (AWT) will decrease and the rate of First Call Resolution (FCR) will improve.

From the above, it is quite evident that call center CRM integration enhances the productivity and efficiency of the entire call center and business as a whole.

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