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IVR System to Reduce Cost and Increase Benefits

Interactive Voice Response System aka IVRS has benefited many companies since its inception. The IVR System automates many tasks and allows customers to self serve them.

Technically saying, the IVR solution is a telephonic menu which plays predefined voice menu; allows customers to select the most suited option; identify the action and serve with the specific step which can be a next IVR menu or some action. There are many companies which are getting benefited by the IVR system.

The IVR solution bestows many benefits to the companies. This article shares key benefits of this Interactive Voice Response system:

Reduce call per cost

The IVRS works with VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol). As a known fact the rates of VoIP calling is cheaper than traditional calling. Furthermore, the IVR allows customers to self serve themselves by interacting with the IVR system. This further saves the cost because here you’re saving your man-hours which would cost additional than the calling cost.

IVRS benefits - elisiontec

Increased customer satisfaction

In traditional systems, customers need to call and wait to get connected with the right person. However, the IVR solution removes this issue from the core. Now, your customers don’t need to wait to get connected with someone or wait in the call queue; they can take an action on their own. This increases the customer satisfaction.

Increased productivity

As the Interactive Voice Response solution will take care of 50-90% of customers, your staff is available for other operations and tasks. Now, they can save a lot of time from answering the same questions to 23rd customer and doing the same tedious action to help a customer on the call. The IVR system will guide and assist callers while your staff can utilize their talent in other productive operations.

Better Decision Making

The IVR system generates detailed report about the calls, action taken, etc. These reports can work really well while you’re taking decision for business or customer support strategy. This solution can also be helpful to identify the area to be worked upon; a new IVR flow, etc.

Increased Revenues

The employees are working at their best and the customers are satisfied with the quick answers and self serving option. Moreover, improved business and customer service strategy applied based on the reports works holistically to increase the revenues of the companies.

These are the top 5 benefits of an IVR solution. Elisiontec offers an advanced IVR solution. This IVR system can be integrated with your existing telephony system as well as contact center solution and CRM system. This makes our IVR system the perfect fit for any company or customer care center.

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