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Key Trends Shaping Contact Center Efficiency: A Deep Dive into UI and UX Design Evolution!

User Experience December 22, 2023


In the race to provide an omnichannel customer experience, brands empower their support centers with robust contact center solutions. Along with an eye on performance and user experience, they hyper-focus on efficiency. In the effort to improve efficiency, several aspects come into the picture, including technologies, communication tools, data analytics, AI, and more.

One aspect that plays an indispensable role in shaping the efficiency of contact centers is UI and UX design. The UI and UX is one of the most essential elements, not just for the customers but for the agents, too. As per stats, a company with an IT ticketing system with an interactive interface can boost agent efficiency by 15-20%.

Therefore, having a ticketing system or an omnichannel communication solution with excellent UI/UX features is indispensable. Let’s proceed with the blog and shed some more light on it.

Why do UI and UX Matter?

In a contact center environment, the agent's productivity is paramount. As a call center agent has to take over 50 to 100 calls a day, they need tools that are easy to use. Besides, the admins of the contact centers also require the same tools for monitoring the agent’s performance, providing feedback, etc.

An easy-to-use tool should have some UI/UX elements, such as swift navigation, agent-friendly colors, auto-dialer, interactive dashboard, etc. These features help in faster operations like call switching, feedback recording, etc. Here are some more reasons to invest in the ultimate UI/UX.

Agent Perspective

  • Reduced Training Time
    Training is necessary whether it is a new employee or an old one interacting with a new software solution. With an intuitive UI, graphics, button placements, etc., it becomes easier for agents to locate what they need.

    A user-friendly interface featuring intuitive navigation and clear labeling reduces the learning curve. Thereby reducing training time. As per stats, an effective UI/UX design can help decrease training time by up to 50%.

  • Boost Agent Productivity
    Agent productivity is paramount in a contact center. An agent may have several tasks in a call center, such as fetching the issue ticket, dialing the number, talking to the agent, documenting the conversation, etc.

    If all these tasks are performed manually, they will hamper the productivity. Therefore, an automated dialer with features like auto-calling, voice-to-text conversion, etc., can be an awesome addition to its UX.

  • Improved Task Performance
    With all the necessary information on the screen, agents can find and use the required features on the go. For instance, if they need to add call information in the tool, it will be easier to locate a text box than a simple text somewhere on the screen.

    A well-designed UX includes exceptional information architecture that helps quickly locate the right feature.

  • Maintain Multi-Channel Consistency
    The omnichannel experience is not just for the users; it's for the agents, too. With similar UI/UX features across all the communication channels, contact center efficiency can be jacked significantly.

    For example, an omnichannel communication solution with all the major communication channels with a single interface can boost the agent experience. As per the Tata CLIQ’s Director, “having a single interface for all kinds of CRM needs has made our agents happier and more efficient.”

  • Adaptability to Change
    No matter which software or tool it is, they are susceptible to issues with time. Therefore, they need to be updated as per the latest trends.

    A simplified UI/UX design is more straightforward to update and modify. Besides, it is a cakewalk to make the necessary updates and changes in the UI/UX without disrupting the customer and agent experience.

  • Amplifies Agent Experience
    Agent experience is all about how easy it is for the agent to use the tool or solution. Aspects like navigation, information architecture, visual design, typography, etc., the better they are, the better will be the experience.

    Stats show a 15-20% improvement in agent experience when there is a single interface for all CRMs.

Admin Perspective

  • Intuitive Navigation
    Besides agents, admins must also monitor several aspects to ensure business profitability. Therefore, the UI needs to have all the necessary tabs featuring tickets raised, CRM team performance, average agent earnings, etc., in proper size and font for quick navigation.
  • Visual Dashboard
    Several real-time contact center metrics need an admin’s attention at all times. These metrics include call volume, recurring calls, inbound calls, outbound calls, agent performance, and customer satisfaction.

    Colorful tabs highlighting these parameters can help them make data-driven decisions faster.

  • Customizable Reporting
    Reporting helps in understanding performance patterns and taking action. The tool UX should offer customized reporting to create and customize reports based on performance parameters.

    Collecting all the crucial parameters in one report enables admins to analyze contact center performance, identify trends, and measure KPIs.

  • Real-time Monitoring
    Real-time monitoring can help in handling emergency scenarios easily. Moreover, real-time tracking of parameters like agent activities, ongoing calls, and queues helps assess bottlenecks and take action immediately. All this is possible via an interactive UI/UX.
  • Collaboration Tools
    Training the agents can be seamlessly done with collaboration tools. With a supreme UI featuring collaboration tools like internal messaging tools, call monitoring and barging tools, etc., admins can seamlessly support their team members, improving productivity and customer service quality.
  • Responsive Design
    Unlike agents, admins need to have continuous access to the admin dashboard for a longer time. Hence, the UI/UX should be responsive, making it accessible not only on a PC or laptop but also on handy devices like phones and tablets.
  • Role-based Access Control
    Security and privacy is a primary concern for a contact center as there is a lot of sensitive data involved. Therefore, the UI/UX features should include role-based access defining permissions for each member of the company hierarchy.

What are the Key UI/UX trends in Shaping Contact Center Efficiency?

Every tool needs to be updated with the fresh industry trends. The same is the case with the UI/UX of the software. So, here are some key UI/UX trends that are Shaping Contact Center Efficiency.

  • Intuitive Navigation
    As businesses integrate multiple communication platforms into one software solution, intuitive navigation is necessary. In an omnichannel platform, all the required communication channels, such as SMS, WhatsApp, email, etc., should be placed exceptionally on a single screen or at least a few clicks away.

    This can help save navigation time and boost efficiency.

  • Chatbots
    Agent productivity is highly dependent on the relevant calls they take. For example, if a person is just calling to confirm their product's renewal, it can be directed to the chatbot as it is a simple task that may not require an agent intervention.

    As 69% of the customers prefer to use a chatbot as it provides instant responses, it can also be a great promoter of agent experience. With chatbots as part of the contact center solutions, you can significantly boost efficiency as agents focus on more important tasks.

  • Agent-Centric Design
    The UI design should be entirely agent-centric. All required functionalities should be placed on a single screen, such as call transfer, manual dial, WhatsApp messaging, general messaging, Facebook posts, connected calls, internal chat, not-connected calls, etc.It will allow the agents to navigate and take action faster.
  • Customization
    Customizable UI is another UI/UX trend that is super useful in boosting agent efficiency. Agents can customize their user interfaces to move some of the screen elements to another place on the screen for quicker access.

    For example, agents can move elements to see previous and current customer interactions.

  • Clear Information Presentation
    The agent's productivity is directly proportional to the efficiency of the contact center. The call handling can be swift and smooth if the agent is presented with all the necessary information about the customer, such as the name, number, previous interaction, call scripts, etc.
  • Gamification elements
    Gamification can be introduced in the call center solution in several ways. For example, you can monitor agents' call parameters like issues resolved on calls, number of calls, missed calls, first call resolution rates, hold times, etc.

    Based on the analysis of these aspects, you can provide agents with star ratings, create leaderboards, provide badges, and more in the tool itself. This will gamify the calling tool and motivate the agents to perform better.

  • Streamlined Workflows
    To maintain a streamlined workflow means to keep the contact center tool as simple yet functional as possible. Make sure that all the chat and call features are placed at the right place on the screen.

    For example, divert all the basic customer issues to chatbots. Besides, keep the dialer application on auto-dial, provide interactive pop-ups for inbound calls, etc. All these can help establish a streamlined workflow.

  • Real-Time Data
    Real-time data access is an exceptional and innovative UX trend. It is combined with AI-backed data analytics that helps contact center admins get valuable insights about agent and contact center performance.

    With access to current and past data, they can picture the performance of every agent on a single dashboard.

  • Integration Capabilities
    As the call center may need multiple software like CRM, analytics, etc., side by side, software integrations are the best way to use them. Current contact center trends show that contact center solutions support these integrations.

    You can easily integrate third-party integrations into the solution to extend its usability. DialShree supports integrations like CRMs, IP PBX, EPBX, and other third-party APIs.

  • User Feedback Mechanism
    A user feedback mechanism is an excellent way to improve the contact center solution further. With the ability to add their feedback and suggestions regarding the solution's performance, agents can play their part in the efficiency amplification.
  • Training and Onboarding Support
    Every Contact Center solution will have different UI and UX features, which could be easier to grasp quickly for a newbie. Therefore, it is necessary to include in-software training material that could guide the trainees to get used to it faster.

    For older employees, it can make the transition smoother.

  • Multilingual Support
    Multilingual support can be useful for contact centers with employees speaking other languages. In some contact centers, businesses hire people speaking another language to enhance the customer experience. For example, a business operating a contact center in the US would definitely have employees speaking Spanish.

    For those employees, multilingual support can be a blessing.

  • Error Handling and Notifications
    To ensure that your software does not affect the efficiency of your contact center, embed features like auto-flashing of error and warning messages on the screen with counteracting measures recommendations.

    It will help in taking action faster.

  • AI Driven Monitoring and Supervision
    Agent monitoring and supervision in a contact center has gone beyond call recording. Today, contact centers have implemented speech analysis to analyze customer and agent sentiments besides recording calls.

    Besides, agent monitoring and AI driven voice analysis can also help ensure compliance and identify upselling opportunities.

  • Mobile-Friendly
    A mobile application can be an awesome way for an agent to take an emergency call from anywhere globally. However, ensure the contact center applications' UI/UX features are responsive and functional.

Provide Your Customers With the Best Contact Center Efficiency

Digital transformation across the communication sector has led to the disruption of these key trends. Today, it has become essential for contact centers to opt for solutions that have features aligning with these trends, or they may not keep up with the competition.

If you seek to challenge your competitors with supreme efficiency in your business contact center, opt for Elision contact center solutions. Their Omnichannel Contact Center Solution, DialShree, is ready to launch its version 2.0. This integrated solution houses all the latest features required in a call center solution.

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