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KPIs to Monitor Performance of a Cloud Call Center Solution

Cloud call center solutions or on-premises call center solutions, it does not make any difference to customers. However, it can positively impact call centers. Both, on-premises and cloud call center solutions have their own advantages and disadvantages. As cloud call center solutions are gaining more popularity because of added flexibility shared by this type of software, we will cover it in this blog post.

To help you assure you are receiving maximum returns from your cloud call center solution, we will share some major KPIs. You must measure these KPIs to review and enhance the performance of your team and call center solution, as well as, leverage several other advantages.

KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) that you must measure in a cloud call center solution:

1. Service Level Agreement (SLA)

There can be different types of SLA in a call center. Number one is the uptime of the software. Your cloud call center software must have 98% or more uptime SLA. If it is not, you must change the provider. Another SLA is the number of calls handled within working hours or a specific timeframe. This shows how productively your agents perform.

2. Customer Satisfaction Score (CSAT)

It is another important KPI that any call center that uses a cloud call center solution or on-premises contact center solution must measure. This score shows the percentage of clients that are happy with your offerings and services. You can run a survey using your cloud call center solution to collect feedback from customers to define CSAT. You can also measure other KPIs that can also give a hint of customer satisfaction rate. Some of the KPIs that show customer satisfaction are as below:

  • First Call Resolution (FCR) rate
  • Average call handling time
  • Average call transfer rate
  • Average call hold time
  • Average contacts to get a resolution

3. Customer churn rate

This is another important KPI that needs to be managed by your call center. The customer churn rate defines the number of customers you are losing in a predefined time period. This can be possible for multiple reasons such as:

  • Bad quality of product
  • Poor customer support
  • Poor post-sales support
  • Poor retargeting strategy
  • And more

It is necessary to focus on this KPI to make sure you increase CSAT and increase customer loyalty, too. Increased customer loyalty defines increased revenue.

4. Agent performance metrics

Agents not only use the cloud call center solution, but they are also responsible for improving or degrading the value of other KPIs. Therefore, it is necessary to monitor their performance via major KPIs such as:

  • Average speed to respond
  • Average call handling time
  • Average call abandoned rate
  • Average after call work time
  • Occupancy rate

These are the top performance indicators that can define whether your agents perform productively or not and whether they are taking advantage of your cloud call center solution or not.

We offer on-premises and cloud call center solutions. If you are interested in using a cloud call center solution for your call center, we have some interesting deals for you. Contact us for more details.

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