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Major Advantages of Code Blue Emergency Alert System in the Healthcare Industry

Healthcare November 18, 2021

We have been catering to the healthcare industry with different communication solutions to bridge the communication gap between patients and healthcare staff, as well as, within internal departments. By continuing the legacy of coming up with innovative and industry-specific unified communication solutions, we offer a suite of unified communication solutions for the healthcare industry.

One of the popular platforms we offer to the healthcare industry is a Code Blue: Emergency Alert System. There are many advantages of using this software, especially, in tackling healthcare and other emergencies. Let us cover some of the major benefits for more clarity.

What Is Code Blue: Emergency Alert Solution?

It is a GUI based platform, which triggers an SMS and a voice call on a single click to each member of the healthcare team or external entity that is designated to handle certain healthcare emergencies or other emergencies such as:

  • Cardiac arrest or other healthcare emergencies
  • External disaster
  • Terrorist attack
  • Missing patient
  • Missing pharmacies
  • And anything else

Major benefits of using Code Blue: Emergency Alert System

There are multiple advantages of using this system in healthcare organizations such as hospitals, clinics, pharmacy stores, etc. Let us cove two most vital advantages.

Better handle emergencies to count on each precious moment

Medical emergencies need to be tackled as sooner as possible. The Code Blue: Emergency Alert Solution informs everyone concerned with the specific emergency, so the preliminary steps to attend to the patient can be fast-forwarded.

For example, in case of cardiac arrest, the physician and the operation theatre team will get things ready till the time the medical staff brings the patient to the operation theatre. As you can imagine, each important moment to save a life can be counted on because of this healthcare emergency communication software, called Code Blue: Emergency Alert Software.

Understand the emergencies with a data-driven approach to deliver a better patient experience

Any emergencies in the healthcare industry can be tackled in an even faster and better manner if some precautionary steps are taken care of. For example, if in one of the cases, even after attempting multiple times, the anesthesiologist could not be contacted on time and caused some delay, then more than one anesthesiologist could be added to that emergency group to be contacted. There are many precautionary steps that a healthcare organization can take to better handle medical emergencies as there is always a scope of improvement. The Code Blue: Emergency Alert Solution provides logs and reports, which provides reliable data. These reports can be used to identify the scope of improvements to deliver a better patient experience along with tackling medical emergencies.

There are multiple advantages of using Code Blue: Emergency Alert Solution in any healthcare organization. This platform has proven its worth in handling medical emergencies and improving patient experience.

We also have some more tailormade unified communication tools for the healthcare industry that can benefit and empower healthcare organizations.

Let us explain more about Code Blue: Emergency Alert Solution and other tools available for healthcare organizations. Contact us for more details.

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