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Major Call Center KPIs You Must Measure in 2023

Solutions January 25, 2023

Key performance indicators are the parameters that define the performance of campaigns, agents, and the call center itself. Call centers nowadays are more conscious about the growth and development and for that improving performance is needed. Identifying the right KPIs and focusing on them can help call centers to improve performance.

In this blog, we will help you identify the right call center KPIs by briefly describing, which KPIs will be important in 2023.

1. Customer satisfaction (CSAT)

To identify the right value of this KPI, a call center needs to run a post-call survey using the survey feature available in the call center solution. In any call center, this KPI defines how good the service is. It also assures the rate of customer loyalty.

2. Calls made per agent

How many number of calls are made by each agent in an outbound call center is called calls made per agent. This KPI defines the productivity of agents and has to be focused on.

3. Abandoned call ratio

The measure of the total number of abandoned calls vs. the total number of calls made lets you count the abandoned call ratio in the call centers. The abandoned call ratio defines how many customers hung up the phone before connecting with an agent in an outbound calling campaign. This can increase call flagging as well.

4. Call drop ratio

The total number of dropped calls vs. the total number of calls joined the call queue gives the call drop ratio value. Often when it takes too long in a call queue, customers are likely to drop the call. This can increase the customer dissatisfaction ratio and also result in loss of business. Therefore focusing on this KPI is necessary, especially in customer care centers.

5. First call resolution rate (FCR)

The total number of customers that received resolution during the first call vs. the total number of concern calls received defines the first call rate. If your business focuses more on increased customer satisfaction, then focusing and improving this KPI becomes very important. Know more about FCR.

6. Average repeat call rate

The total number of repeat calls divided by the total number of calls defines the repeat call rate. It means the customers are calling repetitively with the same concern. This KPI lets you identify a hole in the process and fix it to improve client satisfaction.

7. Average call handling time

This KPI can be calculated by summing total hold time, total talk time, and total wrap-up time of agents divided by the total number of calls handled. This KPI defines the accuracy of the work of each agent. The supervisors must train the agents in their team to handle calls in minimum possible call handling time without hampering the call quality.

8. Conversion rate

The total number of converted calls divided by the total number of calls made or received defines the call conversion rate. The call conversion rate also defines the number of sales, which is why this KPI is also important to monitor and improve.

These are the top KPIs each call center must monitor and work on to improve in 2023. If you are looking for a call center solution, which lets you monitor KPIs in a hassle-free manner, contact us.

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