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Major Call Center Metrics: Every Call Center Must Focus

Call center metrics, also known as KPIs (Key Performance Indicators), depict the performance of customer experience, product success, agent productivity, and multiple other aspects. Thus, it is necessary to monitor major metrics. The call center solutions show live statistics and reports, which depict multiple success metrics.

Different call centers have different objectives to achieve. Thus, different call centers need to focus on different KPIs depending on their goals and objectives. However, there are some common metrics that call centers must measure.

This article shares major call center metrics that every call center must measure.

1. Customer retention rate (CRR)

Customer retention rate is the rate of customers that remain customers and continue using your services for a specific interval of time. Usually, the period can be 360 days, 90 days, or 30 days.

This call center metric is vital to measure as it shows how steady your call center revenue is.

2. Customer churn rate (CCR)

It shows the rate of customers that stopped using your services, within a specific period of time. The period of calculation can be 30 days, 90 days, or 360 days. This call center metric shows the declining graph of steady revenue.

3. Customer satisfaction (CSAT)

It is the ratio of customers that has shown happiness and satisfaction with the services you offer. There can be different values of CSAT such as:

  • Very satisfied
  • Satisfied
  • Not satisfied
  • Very unsatisfied

4. Net promoter score (NPS)

Net promoter score is the chance your business will be promoted by your customers to their network. 9 to 10 NPS is the best score and 0 to 6 is the worst score.

5. First call resolution (FCR)

It shows the rate of calls that received the resolution within the first call. It not only shows metrics related to happy customers, but it also shows the productivity and performance of agents. If your agents know how to use a call center solution properly and know your product well, then only they will be able to improve the FCR rate.

6. Average call hold time

It is another call center metric, which helps you review the performance of agents and call centers along with customer satisfaction. If your agents are not completely trained or if your call center software is complicated to use, then it would increase average call hold time.

7. Service level agreement (SLA)

Different call centers measure different types of service level agreements. One of the most important SLAs that need to be measured by all call centers is agent productivity. This can be measured by measuring the total number of calls responded to within a specific period of time.

8. Average speed to answer

It is the time agents take to answer the calls once assigned to the agents. This shows how quickly your agents respond to the call and address customers. It also can contribute to improving the customer experience.

These are the top metrics that call centers must measure. The best call center solutions show all major KPIs, which call centers must measure.

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