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Major Customer Experience Mistakes to Avoid

There are tons of articles written on the fact that shares the top tips to improve customer experience. Those articles are definitely great as they help in improving some areas to deliver a better customer experience. However, along with learning what to do, one should also emphasize learning what not to do. In this blog, we are going to share the major mistakes your agents or team might be making and those should be immediately stopped.

Not greeting customers correctly

Customers usually call to get support when they are stuck with something and they would be quite frustrated. At this time, they might be ready to share all their issues in one go as soon as the phone is attended by a support executive. However, it is necessary to take time to greet customers properly. This would help in calming down the customer a bit. Also, it reflects the professionalism of the company. Thus, greetings are necessary. The call center solution often shares a feature, called, “Call Script”. This feature can be used in greeting all customers in the same way and create the right first impression.

Putting customers on hold for a way long time

Knowingly or unknowingly, agents put customers on hold for a longer time period. It is necessary to understand that customers would be angry or upset and putting them on hold for way too long would fuel up their anger. Thus, agents must keep customers engaged. If it would take longer to fetch the information, the agent should keep retrieving the call and inform the customer that it is taking a bit longer or the agent should propose a callback option. If a call center uses an omnichannel call center solution, then another option can be to connect with the customer using other modes of communication like WhatsApp, email, live chat, etc.

Having a poor IVR

Having complex and too long IVR menus can confuse customers and make it tough for them to connect with the right agent. Also, the IVR prompts should be loud and clear, so customers don’t find them too tough to understand. The rule of thumb is IVR should be short and returning to the main menu should be easy.

Not personalizing the responses

This is another major mistake, which many agents make. Nowadays, many amazing tools are available such as call center CRM integration, which provides enough information about the customer to the agent during a live call to let agents personalize the conversations. Avoid this mistake at any cost.

Interrupting customers while they are talking

Interrupting anyone who is speaking is considered bad manners and interrupting a customer sharing his issue is considered a big mistake. It will make the customer feel more offended. Agents should make sure that they never cut the customer in between when they are speaking or if it is necessary to interrupt them for any reason, then asking for their apology is necessary.

We offer a call center solution, call center CRM integration, and many other tools that can help you improve customer experience and avoid major mistakes that would result in poor customer experience. Contact us for more details.

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