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Major Features of a Call Center Solution that Empower Banks

The banking and finance industry has been using the best tools to deliver an outstanding experience to their customers. A call center solution is one of the tools that banks use. Usually, all contact center software solutions look similar, but they are not. Of course, each of these solutions offers some similar features. Some of them have industry-specific features to benefit that industry.

The banking industry needs some exclusive features and those are available only in the best call center solution for banks. Even if a bank decides to buy an omnichannel call center solution, which is built for all industries, the bank has to check the features of that software to meet routine needs.

In this blog post, we will share a list of must-have features in a call center solution for banks.

1. Hot marking

Mobile banking and net banking users are likely to lose their banking cards, i.e. credit or debit cards. Online banking frauds are also quite common in the 21st century. Thus, hot marking is a mandatory feature for banks. It lets customers block their cards and online banking accounts using an IVR without visiting a branch.

2. Encryption

All call center solutions provide a call recording feature. Many banks record customer calls for quality and training purposes. During these calls, customers’ details get exchanged and some of these details need to be confidential. Thus, all sensitive details need to be encrypted.

3. Dynamic IVR

Many customers use an IVR system to take some self-serving actions. This benefits both banks and customers by reducing call queues and waiting time. Simple IVRs are available in all call center solutions, but banks must look for a dynamic IVR in the call center software for banks.

4. Broadcasting

Some notifications and alerts need to be shared with all banking customers. For example, any changes in the government rules related to banks need to be conveyed to customers. Calling each client can be a tedious job. Thus, the call center solution for banks must have SMS broadcasting and voice broadcasting features.

5. Collection module

Banks need to collect EMIs and dues for loans and credit card bills from customers. A collection module can speed up and enhance this process. Click to know more about the collection module. Banks must have a collection module in the contact center software.

6. Legal compliances

Depending on the country in which a bank operates, it has to follow legal compliances. The call center solutions for banks need to follow these compliances. For example, call center solution India has to follow PCI compliances.

These are some of the most important features that a call center solution for the banking industry must offer. Without these features, that software cannot help banks achieve great results.

We offer the best unified communication tools for banks and an omnichannel call center solution is one of them. To know more about the call center software for banks with a live demo or to discuss your requirements, contact us.

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