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Major Productivity Hacks Each Call Center Must Know

Call center agents are associated with the hustle and bustle of delighting angry customers. At the same time, they need to keep learning about newly added features in the contact center solution and other technical tools.

There are some easy hacks that agents can try to increase productivity without hampering routine performance. All they need to do is use some amazing features available in a call center solution correctly.

1. Use auto dialers

The urge of dialing a number that is received during a live call for a reference sale is often high. However, it is necessary to save each second of productive hours. Adding all leads and customer numbers in the auto dialers available in the call center software is necessary. Auto dialers like predictive dialer dial numbers automatically and assign the calls to agents only if customers are connected directly. This saves a lot of time that can be used in increasing productive hours.

2. Schedule automated callbacks

Receiving callback requests is common in any business. In a contact center, agents can manually dial a number or use the automated callback feature. It is noted that only advanced call center solutions like DialShree offers automatic callback with advanced options. It is necessary to use an automated callback to save the time of remembering the callback schedule and call a customer exactly at the requested time.

3. Use CRM integrated call center solution and customer profiling feature

Customer profiling is an advanced feature that gives an overview of all interactions a customer had with different agents in the call center. You can find this feature only in advanced call center software like DialShree. This feature shows all past touchpoints of customer interaction to let agents quickly understand the behavior pattern of a customer and deliver a personalized resolution.

In addition to that, if a call center invests in call center CRM integration, agents can use a CRM integrated call center solution. This software shows more details about a customer to the agent, so the agent can personalize responses.

Both of these options help in increasing the first call resolution (FCR) rate along with customer satisfaction and agent productivity.

4. Take advantage of self-assessment features

Not all call center solutions offer self-assessment features for agents, but it is necessary to have this feature to help supervisors increase their productivity, too. Some of the common self-assessment features available in a call center solution are call recording and playback of agent’s calls, agent statistics, agent reports, etc. Agents can monitor their own performance and make the required enhancements and improvements to boost productivity and performance.

Wrap Up

In a nutshell, using a call center solution and its major features, productivity can be increased with ease. We have shared the top five tips that agents can use to boost their productivity using an advanced call center solution. There are many more features this software offers, which can be used to boost not only agent productivity, but also other KPIs in a business.

We have a call center solution that offers multiple features to enhance team productivity to reduce expenses and increase ROI. Contact us to book a free demo.

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