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Major Tips for Effective Call Center Management by Industry Experts

Smart Solutions November 9, 2020

Call center management is a crucial part to run a call center or similar nature business. The COVID 19 pandemic has changed the dynamics, which demand fine-tuning of strategies. In this blog, we will share the top 4 tips to be more effective in the management of a call center and how to cope up with any situation now and in the future.

1. Move to the cloud

It is not only about a call center solution, it is also about your all infrastructure and IT tools. With changing dynamics, taking your IT infrastructure on cloud space would be better than having it on in-house servers. Remote access to the call center software is available even with on-premises servers if you use advanced call center solutions like DialShree. But, in many other aspects, cloud solutions are better. For example, within a minimum time, you can scale up the capacity of an omnichannel call center solution or any other software or tool.

2. Build a remote team

We all will agree that hiring international talent can help in improving performance, client satisfaction, etc. Of course, call center software similar to DialShree offers features to handle customers more effectively; still building a remote team will be helpful. For example, DialShree has a feature called Soundboard Avatars. This feature can be used to greet a customer in his native language. However, by hiring local agents from the country of foreign customers, you can have more benefits. The local agents will know the customs of dealing with customers in that country.

Moreover, we have faced a situation of lockdowns and the pandemic, which can work as a barricade. By building a remote team, you will be ready to handle any situation and continue working. Even if you do not want to hire agents from other countries, train your agents to work remotely without losing productivity.

3. Coach agents to be client-centric instead of being metric centric

In each call center, management teams define different metrics to monitor the performance of the call center as well as each individual agent. However, it is necessary to focus more on the customer and his or her satisfaction instead of metrics. For example, if the management team of a call center defines important metrics to be focused on is average call handling time. In that case, agents will keep their eyes at the time of the call instead of customers and their concerns.

Therefore, coach your agents to be empathetic. Ask them to focus on productivity, but at the same time, focus on customers and their satisfaction. This approach will help you go far.

4. Use the latest tools

Using a call center solution, which you bought 7 years back, will let your work keep going on. However, it will not bring improvements. Therefore, it is necessary to use the latest tools. Keep upgrading.

We offer a call center solution loaded with advanced features. To know more about our call center solution, DialShree, contact us.

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